Guest Feature: “Catherine Austin Fitts Confirms Goals of Technocracy, Transhumanism” (from Technocracy News, January 4, 2021)

For anybody even somewhat familiar with the two topics listed above, Catherine Austin Fitts, in the interview below, connects the dots brilliantly.

For anybody not yet familiar with the two topics above, this will be an easily digested summary.

For anybody who thinks it’s all just a bunch of conspiracy theories, do your own research–and be encouraged: knowledge is power. 

For background information, see the entire article, here.

For the interview, watch below — if it has not already “been removed for violating YouTube’s Terms of Service”. If it has, you can access it on Bitchute, here.

UPDATE January 6: it has been censored by YT, see below. Go to Bitchute site.

P.S. If anybody else got a chill up their spine when “personnel” began to be called “human resources,” we were unwittingly prescient. Unfortunately. Although not many of us were exactly sure why at the time. Or maybe it was just good old human intuition.

To offset all this bad news, Austin-Fitts also offers some practical solutions, ways to “get off the crazy-go-round,” as I like to call it, that anybody can participate in. Many are small personal steps, but even small steps are good ones as the movement grows, one by one, “from the bottom up,” as she terms it.


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