ATTENTION: Be the First on Your Block to Get the Magic 666 Band-Aid Tattoo!!

Phyllis Beveridge Nissila

In the dystopian haze of a future near us…

Moms and dads! Boys and girls (etc.)!

From The Ministry of Health, Global Tracker Division, down at the NWO, comes the brand new, self-administered, Magic 666 Band-Aid Tattoo that, according to a recent MIT article, enables “’on-patient’ storage of your very own vaccination history'”!

Yes, literally on patient!

Soon, in a clinic, school nurse’s office (for recipients as young as 11 if you don’t want your folks to know), or even in your own mailbox, you, too, can receive your very own Magic 666 Band-Aid Tattoo that you just press onto the skin of your forehead or hand that can be “read” by a scanner so that you, too, will be one of the lucky ones who will be able to be vaccinated against viruses and, as a bonus, quite possibly (see below) also buy, sell, find work, go to school, and receive government benefits, with the greatest ease ever! No more annoying red tape or paperwork!

But wait! There’s more!

The lucky recipients of the Magic 666 Band-Aid Tattoo will also be able to get each and every vaccine you are entitled to–no matter how far away you live–by way of its ground- and skin-breaking new technology because, for one, but very important, thing this vaccine, at least a brand up in Canada, doesn’t need to be stored in a cold environment! It can be transported and stored virtually anywhere and everywhere!

And THAT’S super great news in the age of COVID-19, right?

But Wait!

There’s even more!

Get your Magic 666 Band-Aid Tattoo and be the FIRST ON YOUR BLOCK to be connected directly to the cloud too!

It’s true!

Your private information is  right there underneath your skin, safe and secure!

You will never again misplace it! It can’t be stolen!

And it’s just a scan away!

No more having to rummage around in your purse, wallet, or the back seat of your car to locate your ID “vaccination card” in order to buy a train, plane, or bus ticket; a Happy Meal; or permission to enter buildings!

No more!

Your “key” will be inside you. YES, inside you!

But, you say, How can this be?

Here’s the “see below” part:

BECAUSE–IT IS REALLY A TWO-FOR-ONE DEAL: a vaccine delivery system AND your very own personal RFID transmitter!

As published this year in Physics World, “Ultimately, we believe that this invisible, ‘on-body’ technology opens up new avenues for decentralized data storage and biosensing applications that could influence the way medical care is provided, especially in the developing world….”

Just apply a little logic, right?!

But is this secure? 

You might be thinking.

And we understand that!

BUT YOU CAN BE ASSURED THAT ONLY doctors; or maybe plane, train, or bus officials; or say school or work or immigration officials; or Happy Meal servers (or those people overseas who “watch over” every citizen 24/7) will be able to view it with their specially equipped phones connected to towers and scanning devices All Over Town and now IN THE CLOUD, TOO!

Nobody will EVER AGAIN be able to steal your identity!

Or forbid you to enter the A & P for a loaf of bread, a stick of butter, a container of milk, or to go to the pharmacy in the back for some ointment for a possible persistent, annoying skin rash* around the “press on” site!

And you won’t ever again need to wear a mask!!!!!

So no worries!

Just trust us!

After all, our motto is: WE ARE HERE TO HELP!

For more information and a chance to get your name on the waiting list, call 1-800-APOCALYPSE NOW.

And as soon as you can, be sure  to get one–while you last!


Beware of disinformation campaigns by #racistmagicbandaidtattoobigotphobes who suggest that taking the Magic 666  Band-Aid Tattoo might be like taking the MSM de-bunked Mark of the Beast and *may cause certain painful and annoying skin conditions and eventually a severe and extremely long-lasting all-over burning sensation…

BUT, we assure you, you can ignore the Magic 666 Band-Aid Tattoo racistbigotphobes behind the curtain!

There is nothing to see there!

Just move right along into the haze!


>For more information on possible side effects because we have to include them and in very small print read here, here, and/or  here. But ESPECIALLY, watch and listen here.
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2 Responses to ATTENTION: Be the First on Your Block to Get the Magic 666 Band-Aid Tattoo!!

  1. Louie Kraaz says:

    I love this Phyllis! The question I have for you is will you take either the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine as they are now concocted or are you going to wait and see? And what if it will be mandated by the state as New York is wanting to do? It puts us in a very important crossroad then. I think it will put you and I on a rough and narrow path. Louie


    • pbn says:

      Hi, Louie!

      I do not intend to be a human GMO, {>D.

      I haven’t had a flu shot since 1977 and that was only because we were making our move across the States with two very small children. I take the advice of what supplements, diet, and exercise to take and do, and go from there. I’ve had the flu maybe once since 1977, I believe about twenty years ago it was.

      Agree re: “it will put you and I on a rough and narrow path.” Will have to pray for wisdom, guidance, and protection, that’s for sure.

      And my heart goes out to people and families who will be put in very difficult situations if all the rabid political players who like to impose Draconian mandates follow New York’s lead. I hope there are enough New Yorkers who protest this. I suspect there will be thousands more who will be leaving the state because of this.

      I really recommend Anthony Patch’s videos and research on the vaccine, but most importantly, its contents that will be a DNA changer, along with its delivery system (the micro needle array quantum dot tattoo mechanism to be offered pretty soon on a band-aid. For real.) Of course there are many similar presentations available from both Christians and non-Christian medical and research professionals, if you haven’t already seen some. His short video is the very last link in the “small print” section of my post.

      I had a lot of fun with that post, but so many people have lost their sense of humor these days because everybody’s offended by everything, anymore, so it’s always good to know there are people who still get a grin out of good old fashioned satire.

      I hope you and your wonderful family are all thriving!

      Cheers and blessings,


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