A Stack of Seven Fun and Heart-Warming Stories from Christmases Past

Phyllis Beveridge Nissila

To lighten your spirits this holiday season, here is my gift to you: a “stack” of posts from Christmases past drawn from family stories. 






From November 25, 2012: A little boy, a mall Santa, and The Big Opportunity.

The Gift



From December 8, 2012 (little sister Nancy’s story): An Alaskan road kill, a winter weather anomaly, and a big clean-up job on the back porch.

A Mid-Winter’s Tale from Alaska (Where Men are Men and Road Kill is for Dinner)



From December 23, 2013 (big brother Greg’s story): A budding five-year-old engineer, some lead tinsel across a set of toy train tracks, and Divine Intervention.

Christmas 1953 (snap, crackle, sssssssssss)



From December 16, 2014: A heartwarming annual cops and kids Christmas-shopping trip, pizza feed, and wrapping fest–with a handcuffing demonstration by popular demand.

On Good Cops, Gifts, and Big Hearts



From December 23, 2015: A young soldier, a Santa photo, and a hand made sign for Mom.

The Christmas Soldier



From November 9, 2017: (Little brother Andy and Phyllis couldn’t resist this) A Hallmark Christmas Movies plot summary.

It’s Never Too Early To Enjoy Some Christmas Mirth: Every Hallmark Channel Christmas Movie Ever



From December 12, 2017: (Little brother Doug’s story). A couple of mischievous five year-olds, stolen rhubarb, and a lesson for the ages by Mrs. Brown.

On Mrs. Brown, Rhubarb Pie, and (Christmas) Gifts



Images of gift boxes from the public domain.

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