ADDENDUM to Previous Post: the World is Watching, Warning, and Encouraging US

The response below to the previous post comes from a reader in the U.K.

With his permission, I share it here because I think it is important–and very encouraging–for patriots in the United States to know that there are people like him (probably in the millions) around the world who have already experienced the devastation that collectivism (socialism/communism/fascism, or any new iteration, e.g., Democrat Socialism) has already done in their lands or is in the process of doing.

They warn us what it can do in the United States, too, in perhaps one of the last bastions of what’s left of the free societies of the world, and they hope our resistance efforts are successful.

People who have studied and/or experienced the downward slide of the free world to the enslaved world and who have “lived” it, at least near it, know whereof they speak.

We need to listen.

And be encouraged.

For in encouragement there is strength.

The reader includes notes on the current European experience as well.-PBN

I think the world has arrived at a juncture with many realising the implications of globalism and how democracy and freedom are under serious threat. Collectivism is the perfect springboard for communism, hence the danger inherent in the European Union’s drive toward federalism, a European superstate governed by faceless and unaccountable bureaucrats with a thin veneer of democracy to pacify the masses. Big corporations love this idea because it eradicates borders and makes it easier for them to control markets, and, through advertisements, control consumers. This is why the ‘Great Reset’ is such a sinister concept. It is beloved by people like George Soros, which in itself is a warning to all of us.
Populism is an awakening. This is why Trump is so vital. It is imperative for him to remain in office to buy a little time for the message to penetrate minds dulled by decades of subliminal Marxist propaganda. All the electoral irregularities point to a conspiracy to defraud the American people and unleash a radical left-wing programme. This is a serious crisis and the outcome is of the utmost importance to the USA and to the world.    -Colin Markham
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