On Prophecy, the Election, and the Swarm versus the “Murder Hornet” (an Analogy). Two Videos

Phyllis Beveridge Nissila

On Prophecy

Prophecy indicates there will eventually be one, global government with its own currency and religion. People everywhere, not just the totalitarians at the top, enduring some crisis or perhaps several at once, will cry out for this world-wide re-set, you might call it.

God alone knows when all the prophetic puzzle pieces will be in place, of course.

In the meantime, believers continue to encourage–exhort, preach, teach, and urge–those who have not yet accepted Jesus Christ in a personal relationship as their Savior and Lord to do so.

And soon.*

Count me as one of them.

Now to the possible ramifications of America’s 2020 election not only as pertains to the integrity of our voting system but also the election’s tie-in to the rest of the world.

On the Election

Many prophecy watchers agree the globalists are getting pretty close to their ultimate objective. Perhaps the fallout of an alleged “election takeover” in the United States will have, or would have, gotten them that much closer. This remains to be seen pending investigations.

Problem is, however, they got caught.

The legal investigation isn’t complete, yet, as noted, and God only knows (literally and figuratively) what may happen between now and the conclusion of the process, but an overview of findings so far was presented yesterday in a press conference in what the legal team called “opening statements”. The video of the conference is just below.

The second video features a good analogy, I think, for what’s been going on by the efforts of millions of patriots in this great country working together in various ways to expose what menaces our nation just now.

But you be the judge.

And please, for yours, ours, and everyone’s sake DO judge.

For this situation affects not merely one political side or the other, but all sides, all Americans, and the very future of the integrity of our electoral system, not to mention how the final outcome of the election, once certified as per due process, might affect the plans the globalists have for us.

On the Swarm versus the “Murder Hornets” (An Analogy)

Because I live about one hundred and twenty miles south of Washington State where the first so-called “Asian Murder Hornets” came ashore in this country, I keep track of the news on their movement.

When I saw this video a few weeks ago, I couldn’t help but give it a smile, as here is the insect version, you might say, of a kind of “David and Goliath” moment, where David is represented by a single swarm of dedicated “worker bees” that is analogous to the millions of patriots, citizen journalists, researchers, data-crunchers, and all other truth seekers working as a unit to get the truth out in various ways and means, and Goliath is represented by a single giant hornet symbolizing all who work in sync to overpower and destroy the swarm.

The problem for the (Goliath) hornet is that it can be overpowered not only by the (David) bee-swarm’s mass but also–and perhaps most importantly–by its heat.

According to other reports on the hornets, heat is their nemesis.

Which reminds me of another analogy: “politicians don’t usually see the light until they feel the heat.”

Consider then:

Swarm on, citizens.


*Here’s a good summary of so-called “end times,” aka end of the “Church Age” prophecies. See how close you think we are.

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