(Video) THIS is America; THESE are Americans; WE can do what we have to do NOW, too…

…for we are ALL called “for such a time as this.”

Let the group of Americans featured in the following video inspire you as they do me, even eleven years later after the event in which they all participated: assisting a low-experience pilot land a plane after the plane’s actual pilot had a heart attack and died. The volunteer pilot’s family was also on board.

Let this story inspire you, too, especially in the face of a very different kind of “emergency” we face of a national, political nature today, because like the participants in the rescue detailed below, each of us has one or more jobs we can do from our own areas of expertise, be it investigating unprecedented corruption at play in this election season; contacting local, state, and/or national elected leaders for redress of related grievances (a First Amendment right); participating in peaceful rallies and demonstrations (another 1A right); supporting fellow patriots in their efforts, financially or otherwise; and/or praying for wisdom, guidance, and courage in the face of it all.

Be inspired.

WE are Americans.

THIS is America.

We each have a particular set of skills…

Carry on.


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