On Overriding the “Weaponized Brain”–Notes on Then, Now, and from Way Back

Phyllis Beveridge Nissila

Ever notice, these days, how it is vastly more difficult to try to have a civil conversation with someone of the opposite political persuasion especially if you, like me, have lived many days, even through the social and political upheavals of the 1960s?

It’s even impossible at times, particularly when the “premise” on the opposing side is laced with a string of F-bombs and insults and the only political platform seems to be to destroy all adversaries and everything associated in any real or fictionalized way with them.

I mean, things were bad during the 60s, but not like now.

The modern, well, ragers, for lack of a better term, almost seem to have some kind of internal mental and emotional override turned on high that disables reason, common sense, history, law and order.

One almost wonders if there is something not only more powerful but also more sinister at work…

Of course these days technology, especially social media, plays a big part in dividing and attempting to conquer.

Protesters back then mostly had just three television channels as talk radio and independent news sources were virtually nonexistent, protests and riots occurred mostly on college campuses, and the news was spread by Peter Max-styled posters nailed to lamp posts all over town and put up in campus cafés.

But the “revolution” fifty years ago was still in its relative infancy as compared with 2020, although historians reveal that the arguably Marxist influence, which plays a significant part in all of today’s mayhem, actually began its slow start in this country in the years following the Civil War. (Here is a sample of the history of Marxism in the U.S.)

But to the evolution of the revolution as pertaining to the ultimate “occupation,” i.e., the internal landscape, that is, the mind and even the soul–if they could capture that, too (see “Way Back,” below, for more on that topic)–consider the information in the first video.

Three experts in developing software for social media explain how to begin breaching the citadel of the mind by “entering the brain,” so to speak, via technological tricks. Of course, this feature concentrates on just how to foster an addiction in order to make a sale.

Then (and a Pretty Recent “Then”!)

The informaton on how to overcome the barriers of at least the critical thinking part of the brain as illustrated in this “60 Minutes” segment from just three years ago, seems so “last century,” no? But it outlines some basic strategies  no matter what one’s purpose in doing so, and it’s worth a short review if you haven’t seen it before.


Psychologists, sociologists, political scientists, psy ops innovators, and certain medical personnel–not to mention Marxist revolutionaries and just ordinary people with an interest in research–are beginning to learn about what is presented in the next video which details how and why brain hacking has been morphing into not only brain but also what might be termed soul hacking.

At least that seems to be the plan.

And this brand of literally messing with your mind is not just about making a sale.

It’s also about what developers term “weaponizing the brain” via what’s called “neurowarfare”.

I highly recommend reading the article in which this interview is embedded to gain some background not only on the interviewee, Dr. James Giordano, including his CV, but also the presenter, Celeste Solum (including her own CV) who puts this information in perspective from the point of view of a researcher and former FEMA employee. Here are her opening remarks:

Breaking News: Dr. Evil Returns with Neuroweapons


As you may or may not know, in my spare time I attend military presentations.  What you will view is not satire. Hear what “Dr. Evil” says about the neurological scalar targeting of people. This is part of a series, so more alarming information will be forthcoming.

Dr. James Giordano, Dr. Evil, the modern Dr. Joseph Mengele, returns with some alarming insights into the weaponization of brain science.  Dr. James Giordano has the credentials, power, and influence to make these experiments a reality that will impact your life.

  • Professor in the Department’ of Neurology and Biochemistry
  • Chief of the Neuro-Ethnic Studies Program
  • Co-Director of the O’Neil Pellegrino Program in brain science and global on policy at Georgetown University Medical Center
  • Research Fellow and Bio Security Technology and Ethics at the US Naval War College
  • Appointed Member of Dartmouth Neuroethics legal and social issues advisory panel
  • Senior Advisory Fellow of the Defense operational cognitive sciences section
  • Part of the Multi-Layer Assessment group Joint Staff the Pentagon
  • Consulting Bioethicists for the Defense Medical Ethics Committee
  • Donovan fellow for Bio Warfare and Bio Defense at US Special Operations Command
  • Appointed member of the Department of Health
  • Human Services Secretary’s Advisory Committee on human research

Highlights and Revelations include: continue reading…

Note: the interview features a podcast from the U.S. Homeland Defense and Security Information Analysis Center (HDIAC) and is the first of a two-part series called “Weaponizing Brain Science” published June 19, 2020, which is publicly available (here is part 2  from the original source).

If one unpacks all the careful, jargon-loaded word-smithing, the implications and ramifications of such neurowarfare are bone-chilling even as Dr. Giordano articulates his message with cold-hearted calm and feigned “concern”. You know the type.

UPDATE 7/24/21: LOOKY HERE, that is to say, just below. Methinks somebody or some-fake-body (clay mixed with iron?) did not LIKE what was on here! Which, of course, is another reason, intrepid reader, to look up this information for yourself. Know what I mean? Enjoy.

Way Back (and Forward)

Of course, the Author of the best Book available, ever, on the subject of potentially apocalyptic-level evil like this and multiple other kinds, reminds us that this kind of attempted occupation of the tiniest, nano bits and pieces of humans is not new. As famously put in the book of Ecclesiastes:

What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun. ( 1:9)

It’s just that mankind, having been gifted a free will and massive amounts of talent and skill sometimes makes apocalyptic-styled choices with weapons to go with and over time comes up with increasingly sinister ways to deploy them.

Thus, as creation keeps on keeping-on (because, let’s face it, if evil has had, is having, or will have its final way in any iteration, we’d have been destroyed at the gate, the gate at the edge of Eden, that is) sadly, some use such talent and skill to build better bombs, both macro and micro, with which to grab power, money, and all your stuff.

Nowadays that would include your very soul.

If possible.


No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and their righteousness is of me, saith the Lord. (Isaiah 54:17)

The best way to comprehend this news, however, as believers note, is to both know the Author, as in our Creator, Who made a plan for us to be able to override the overriders  in order to know how to combat that real enemy and his ground troops not just in the present battleground but in every era and every place.*

It’s also a very good idea to understand who our real enemy is, has been, and will always be, that is, a destroyerone’s political, social, race, or creed status notwithstanding.

In the meantime, we can use another gift: critical thinking which, by the way, powers us from the part of the brain (cerebral cortex) that is not so apt to be corralled by strong emotions prompted in another part of the brain (amygdala, aka the base of the brain)  where we operate in reaction to fear, intimidation, and terrorism (among other strong emotions and prompts), ordnance often used by our enemies on the ground, the better to stifle, neutralize, and conquer us with.

If possible.

I encourage us all to frequently step back from the fray to consider all this (before such as “Dr. Evil” and his ilk have their way not with but in us) the better to resist the temptation to be chained in the base of the brain and led places we really do not want to go.

If you think about it.

And here’s one more encouragement from Isaiah 26:3 citing our source of not only truth but also the result of tending to the Truth Teller:

You, Lord, give perfect peace
to those who keep their purpose firm
and put their trust in you.

Carry on.


*For specific ways God, and those who learn from Him, can override all the whiz, bang, and boom mankind can conjure up for evil purposes I invite you to consider the “eternal intel,” as it were, offered here (on “God’s algorithms”), here (on “Truth Hackers”), here (on “Synth AI versus God I),  and here (on “the Hive Mind, TFY, 3D AI, and the Mind of Christ”).

For many more commentaries on ways and mean to survive in both the temporal and eternal realms in which we concurrently live, here’s a list of additional commentaries.

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