How to Boost Your Immunities…Part 21–From Socialism to Communism (Follow-up to Previous Post)

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This feature focuses on the prequel to communism–socialism–with an explanation of how the revolutionaries may get there with little resistance.

The speaker is G. Edward Griffin some years prior to his interview with former Soviet KGB informant Yuri Bezmenov, the subject of the previous video.

I believe Griffin’s presentation also helps to explain why severe racial tensions have re-emerged in the last decade or so and have become particularly explosive this summer–and useful to the communist cause.  

See if anything in this long-ago message seems to have been taking place in recent years and particularly this summer. See also notes, below.-PBN


Regarding Manning Johnson, author of Color, Communism, and Common Sense* cited in the above video: his story explains his early zeal for the communist party in the mid twentieth-century followed by his exit from same–and subsequent warning to fellow citizens of the United States of the danger of the communist system and how it was, even then, using racial tension as a way to tear at the fabric of society in order to engineer a takeover from within.

We need to keep our minds and hearts focused.


Do all we can to resist the destructive spirit.

And vote.


*Alliance Inc., 1958, web version 2009,, access date 16/18/2020.


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