How to Boost Your Immunities, 2020 Edition, Part 4–Intellectually and Spiritually, Forewarned is Forearmed

Part 1–On Hearing
Part 2–On Discerning
Part 3–Perspectives from the Trenches
Part 5–DIY Retreats
Part 6–Spiritual Retreat
Part 7–Humor
Part 8–Strategies
Part 9–A Blessed Mindset

A special note of introduction for the skeptic:

Suppose the prophecy experts are correct that by evidence of many markers* we are at what they believe could well be the threshhold of the so-called “end times” that herald the seven-year Tribulation period?

Suppose also if some of the prophecy experts are molecular biologists, physicists, medical doctors, information technology experts, lawyers, educators, writers, musicians, artists, business owners and innovaters, in short, people from every walk of life?**

If you are a skeptic, would you consider setting aside, for a few minutes, the anti-Christian memes about believers being low intellect cult members–or con artists out for a quick buck and a lucrative television career (and there are opportunists in every trade)–to step into the real world of discovery and information presented by the experts below and take what they have to say into thoughtful consideration?…

Today’s post in this series has to do with “intellectual and spiritual immunities,” if you will, where critical thinking is not thwarted by political correctness, the scientific method is not highjacked by political ideologies, and, specifically to spiritual immunity, where reason is not stifled by anti-Christian rhetoric but mind–and heart–are truly open to what–and Who–was, is, and is to come.

In a world in massive change and disarray just now, an intellect and a spirit that are aware are also armed both to comprehend and to confront, if needed, the enemy at hand.*** 

And being thus forewarned and forearmed helps us stay out of the “base of the brain,” or amygdala, where too much disarray and change can keep us stuck in fight, flight, or freeze modes when higher level thinking is critical.

Such combined immunity is spiritual in its essence but, to the believer, the spiritual underlays all others as it is informed and enhanced by what, that is to say Who, is the genesis of all (for if there are middles and endings in the iterations of creation as we know them, there are also beginnings). It is an immunity planned by such an Intellect that could design and perpetuate what is seen from that which is unseen, Who powered up, well, power, when the universe was yet void. In today’s secular scientific vernacular, you might say this Being, aka God, was the Big Bang that generated the Big Bang…

I encourage you to click on what follows, then, and see what you think.

The presenters in this post are Pastor J.D. Farag, evangelist and prophecy expert, whose recent “Update” ties in prophecy with several current markers, notably the pandemic infecting the globe just now, and Anthony Patch, researcher and reporter with backgrounds in physics, technology, and the medical field, who elaborates on another prophecy marker, the so-called “mark of the beast,” and how that might be made possible with what technology exists today. 


From the work of Pastor J.D. Farag:

NOTE: the mark-of-the-beast technology cited in the video is referenced in much greater detail in Patch’s document, below.

From the work of Researcher/Reporter Anthony Patch:

In this month’s edition of Entangled Magazine, we will move fluidly amongst several patents of inventions specific to the remote sensing of internal human bodily functions, external activities and behavior patterns.
Under primary consideration is Patent : WO2020060606 – CRYPTOCURRENCY
Note the embedding of the numbers 666.” continue reading here…


*On this page are several “prophecy charts” designed by my sister and researcher Claire Gumbs that shed a different sort of light on the signs and times of this day and age in which we live. See what you think.

**Here are a few more commentaries written through a believer’s lens featuring technology, literature, politics and survival strategies, to name a few areas of interest. A few of them include touches of humor for a bit of comic relief in these stressful days!

***For spiritual “armament,” so to speak, see here.

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