Guest Feature: “Standing Strong,” March 7, 2020, by Deana Chadwell

Today’s guest feature is by Deana Chadwell, a fellow blogger from Oregon. Her essay, below, presents a powerful snapshot of our currently tenuous hold on the twin foundations of the rule of law and our right to vote that have kept the United States strong so far despite forces on the political left that would undermine and destroy the nation as founded.

One of the most significant dangers Chadwell cites has to do with the effort to change our Constitution from the established, Supreme Law of the Land (as it is also known) to a changeable document, which would render it, she notes, “malleable” and “useless”. See below* for more comments on one such effort to water-down the Constitution called “reflexive law”.


by Deanna Chadwell

March 7, 2020

Screen Shot 2020-03-07 at 5.31.48 PM.png

America, in both its ideal and in its actuality, stands on two feet. Under those feet is a foundation of Biblical wisdom and a knowledge of history that taught the founders what worked and what didn’t. With enormous care those great men designed a nation with a stable underpinning of a constitutional rule of law and the right of each individual to have a say in how that rule would be implemented – in other words, the right to vote. We’ve all been busy hoopla-ing over the impeaching of a president, hyperventilating over the corona virus, and watching the Democratic frontrunners stumble all over each other that we forget what’s really being attacked here.

All this fuss-and-bother isn’t just about winning the 2020 elections.  That will be one step, for sure, but that isn’t the end game. The left isn’t at all interested in continuing the grand experiment that is America. The left is about ending it entirely, and they are involved up to their skinny necks and wobbling dentures in pulling those two stable feet of the commonwealth right out from under us. They are trying to eviscerate the Constitution by attacking every one the of Bill of Rights, and they are undermining the individual vote –local, state, and national.

The Constitution endured leftist attacks during most of the 20th century starting with Woodrow Wilson and still it held strong. Toward the end of last century we started hearing silly statements like, “The Constitution is a living document,” which, if true, would have rendered it useless – of what good is a malleable contract? Recently, and especially in Virginia, both the 1st and 2nd Amendments are being pounded; I’m grateful the Virginians are standing up to the onslaught. The 3rd Amendment – one that prohibits the stationing of soldiers in the homes of private citizens – received a glancing blow when Portland, Oregon, proposed a law requiring new businesses to include in their buildings room to house the homeless – far worse than soldiers. continue reading…


*On “Reflexive Law”–one form of a new, changeable, malleable–and useless–form of the U.S. Constitution: “Reflexive Law”: On How to Trash the U. S. Constitution and Get Away With It—for Now. (September 2016).

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2 Responses to Guest Feature: “Standing Strong,” March 7, 2020, by Deana Chadwell

  1. Louie Kraaz says:

    A very good analysis of where we are today in the US. God has blessed this country, but it is not guaranteed that that covering will continue if this country continues on it’s sinful path. Our Lord pulled his grace from Israel when they disobeyed and He may very well do it here as well. We must as a nation repent……I do not see that happening any time soon.


    • pbn says:

      Hi, Louie,

      Yes, one wonders just how far along we are on the prophetic timeline. As my brother Greg says, it’s time to make sure one’s “spiritual bags are packed.”



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