Letters to The Remnant, 11: Guest Feature–“Rules for Remnant Survival: How to Survive These Last Days”

Today’s guest feature comes from Jan Markel’s Olive Tree Ministries that includes weekly broadcasts, articles, newsletters, and the largest annual fall prophecy conference in the United States held in Markell’s home state of Minnesota. I’ve included an excerpt from her newsletter introduction and the extended version of the topic from a presentation she did recently in Rock Harbor Church.  

Rules for Remnant Survival:

How to Survive These Last Days

by Jan Markel

Excerpted from her print introduction:

While people in my home state of Minnesota shivered, I spent most of January in California meeting with remnant believers, as well as speaking at churches and conferences. I had much feedback from people, and frankly, a lot of it sounded like this recent e-mail from a gal named Karen. She writes, “If I did not have access to you and a few others online, I would be so isolated! I try to talk to people about issues that are important, including end-times, and they look at me like I am an alien. A few of you help me celebrate my alien status. I feel like a lonely gold fish in a bowl.”

Prophecy is coming true right before our eyes [Markell continues]. You and a few others are making a huge difference with all of us aliens in the world. So I spoke to and with fellow aliens on this January journey. I even shared a message titled, “Rules for Remnant Survival”…

Here is her expanded video presentation on the topic:


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