Part 10: “Then they came (for my ancestors)”–Guest Feature: “A Ten Point Action Plan to Stem Attacks Against Jews”

My next installment in this series comes from today’s (1/31/20) American Thinker. The article featured, by Rabbi Aryeh Spero, details ten practical recommendations from the Jewish Leadership Summit “intended as a jumpoff point for Jews, as well as our non-Jewish friends, wishing to begin a forceful and honest discussion as to what needs to be done by Jews for self-defense and protection.”

I post this for two reasons:

  • the reality of both bloody and ideological attacks against Jews today in the United States of America that are on the rise on the streets, in synagogues, on college campuses, and even in some radical left corners of the United States Congress, and 
  • because of the young in this nation who in many cases no longer learn about the realities of the Holocaust. The second reason is every bit as shocking to me as both a person with Jewish heritage and as a recently-retired educator.

A Ten Point Action Plan to Stem Attacks Against Jews

The Jewish community is experiencing an explosion of anti-Jewish attacks, both physical and ideological. Jews have been gunned down or stabbed in Pittsburgh, San Diego, Jersey City, and Monsey, and are being pushed, beaten, and cursed on the streets of Brooklyn and Manhattan. The attacks are happening against the community and individuals, in Jewish institutions and on subways, on almost a daily basis.

Though neo-Nazis, leftist anti-Zionists, and Jew haters within the Black and Islamic communities often disagree, they are united in their animus toward Jews. There are today powerful forces arrayed against the Jewish people, not simply from the right but predominantly — and with greater cultural influence –from the political Left.

Thus far, those in major establishment Jewish organizations have been unable or unwilling to stop the daily harassment of Jews on campus and on New York City streets. Many in the Jewish community now rightfully acknowledge that we have a crisis in Jewish organizational leadership. Our major organizations, be it the ADL, the JCRC, or the many Federations, are failing us.

Furthermore, the loyalty and simpatico of these cash-laden organizations with liberal/left ideology renders them unwilling to combat the pernicious negativity against Jews coming from members within certain minority groups. Similarly, they are reluctant to condemn the anti-Jewish rhetoric coming from groups within the Democrat Party.

In light of this dereliction of duty, a Jewish Leadership Summit of experienced activists and grassroots leadership was convened to set forth a set of serious proposals to be discussed by local Jewish communities and individual Jews desirous of protecting America’s Jewish institutions and people. We can no longer wait. The history of these organizations as well as the present make-up of their staff and bureaucrats does not give us confidence.

The following recommendations from the Jewish Leadership Summit are intended as a jumpoff point for Jews, as well as our non-Jewish friends, wishing to begin a forceful and honest discussion as to what needs to be done by Jews for self-defense and protection.

A TEN POINT DECLARATION OF ACTION …contiue reading the article here


UPDATE–a few hours later, this feature about vandalism at a synagogue in Racine, Wisconsin, where I lived for several years. A city in the heart of the heartland.

The new political term “intersectionality” is used in the article. Here is a recent commentary on this new concept that is part of the ideology of the radical left.


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