PART 2: “On Those…Brexiteers…”–Another Voice of “Reality” from the U.K. and the SCOTUS to Hear Appeals

Phyllis Beveridge Nissila

Part 2

Addendum to yesterday’s post, ” On Those Dogged Brexiteers and the Formidable Power of “Deplorables” Everywhere: consider this related article from today’s American Thinker (online), Ode to the Constitution and the Common Man,” by Clarice Feldman.

Feldman writes on the stunning political victory by Conservative Boris Johnson this week in the U.K. and other issues that affect not only the U.K. but also the world, issues that include another needed nod to the power of “the common man” when it comes to righting ships of states hijacked by powerful, monied, elitist forces who would erase freedom if they could in their quest for world domination.*

The following are excerpts from Feldman’s article, the first, her thoughts on the news of Boris Johnson’s victory. Here Feldman cites Melanie Phillips, noted British journalist, author, and public commentator. Phillips defines herself as a liberal who has “been mugged by reality”[1].

Melanie Phillips credits the British working class for a victory which Boris credits to ‘literally everyone from Woking to Workington. From Kensington, I’m proud to say, to Clwyd South. From Surrey Heath to Sedgefield. From Wimbleton to Wolverhampton.

Melanie explains:

The stakes in this election were enormous, not just for Britain but for the world. Labour is led by the most far-left leadership in its history, supporting terrorists abroad and incubating virulent antisemitism at home.[snip]

It was defeated by a seismic shift which may just have redrawn the British political landscape for ever.[snip]

The white working class, those blue-collar workers who had been tribal Labour supporters for generations, voted en masse for the Conservatives for the first time ever.[snip]

Because the British working-class is deeply, passionately patriotic and attached to democracy. They are the very best of Britain. Time and again they have saved the country in its wars against tyranny by putting their lives on the line to defend what it stands for: their historic culture, institutions and values.

That’s why in the 2016 referendum they voted en masse for Brexit. [snip]

It’s hard to exaggerate the anger by the Brexit-voting working-class at what they saw as an anti-democratic coup by Remainer Labour MPs who were determined to stop Brexit and spit in the eye of democracy.

These working-class voters also believe in hard work, responsibility and their own human dignity. They feel patronised and demeaned by welfare dependency, and have absolutely no time for the metropolitan liberals’ social agenda.

They are repelled by identity politics and victim culture, and are deeply worried by Muslim immigration and behaviour. Having watched with dismay the emergence of effectively segregated Muslim areas within their towns, they have been enraged by the way the allegation of “Islamophobia” has all but silenced concerns about outrages such as the Muslim rape and grooming gangs that have abused thousands of white girls, or the attempt to Islamise a number of schools.

So in this election, just as when they voted for Brexit in 2016, the working- class has risen up in revolt against the liberal universalists who control both their party and British culture.

The second excerpt from Feldman’s article features the situation here in the United States and includes another news item–also  very good–related to the controversial impeachment proceedings this past week that has virtually been muted due to the sensational show in the House of Representatives dominating the media. It concerns a weigh-in on a critical, related issue, by the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS).

I mean, have you even heard of the news cited below in the second excerpt from Feldman’s article?

It’s big.

This good news addresses not only the current but also long-term ramifications of what bodes ill about the whole political mess due to the unprecedented (and arguably unfair, indeed, scholars cite its unconstitutional nature) proceedings in the House on the impeachment process.

If left unchecked and imbalanced, it is a process that could mean serious trouble not only for future Republican administrations but also Democrat administrations, not to mention average Americans.

Because, as they say, “what goes around comes around.”

And besides, we have a “Constitutional app,” so to speak, called “the separation of powers” (a focus of the good news) that addresses over-reaches of power between and among our three branches of government that seems in serious need of being brought out, dusted off, and highlighted just now.

In my view, it’s about time for a good review of what helps our representative form of government remain strong not only for the sake of justice due but also for the sake of Americans who may have forgotten their high school Civics class lessons, and for those who may have never heard of this founding doctrine, particularly now, when so much of the political landscape and thinking is thick with emotion, entitlement–and division–fostered via movements such as Political Correctness, Identity Politics, and the new iteration of communism called Democrat Socialism (which is not new, just re-packaged old totalitarianism).

If you are one of the “common men and women” (also known as “deplorables” by your opponents), be, then, encouarged,


Here are Feldman’s further comments–regarding the SCOTUS:

The Supreme Court agreed this week to hear the president’s appeals of three cases on congressional and state oversight of the commander in chief.

There is no doubt in my mind that both the legislative and judicial branches of our government have overreached in trying to hamstring the president and these three cases should prove a benchmark on how far this nonsense will be allowed to continue. As Judge Neomi Rao argued in her dissent from a decision for a rehearing below: “The Constitution and our historical practice draw a sharp line between the legislative and judicial powers of Congress. By upholding this subpoena, the panel opinion has shifted the balance of power between Congress and the President and allowed a congressional committee to circumvent the careful process of impeachment.”


*But is this just another “conspiracy theory,” or is it “conspiracy fact”? The reader may wish to research the question for himself or herself.

There are innumerable articles, books, blogs, etc., on both sides of the issue, some thinkers, writers, journalists, and politicians supporting the idea of a One World Government, also known as a New World Order, others, via their own venues, resisting it–when they are not silenced, “shadow banned,” cancelled, and/or labeled “haters, racists, (fill-in-the-blank)-phobes,” and so on.

Prophetically, of course, as believers would also note, there is an inevitability factor.

But not yet.

And we can still vote.

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4 Responses to PART 2: “On Those…Brexiteers…”–Another Voice of “Reality” from the U.K. and the SCOTUS to Hear Appeals

  1. Something like this has happened here in the UK. The shrill Remainers, who wanted the UK to stay in the EU, are now dumbfounded and realise after all that the people wanted us to come out it. This was decided in the 2016 Referendum, so three and a half years has been wasted with endless debate and attempts to reverse a democratic vote. Yes, the Remainers wanted to keep us divided and persuade the Brexiteers to change their minds. It didn’t work. Now we can get Brexit done and, as a nation, move on and deal with a whole host of other issues. The ‘elites’ have egg on their faces because the People have ignored them. Thank heavens for democracy. It’s not a perfect system but a Referendum is a vote on a specific issue and the outcome should be respected.


  2. An excellent post Phyllis. You – and Melanie Phillips – have said it all. A resurgence of the so-called Common Man and Woman. The liberal/left are being questioned, their smug complacency no longer assured.


    • pbn says:

      Thank you.

      Here is another thought that hinges on all this: those caught up in their own importance and sense of superiority don’t always remember that it’s only ever a matter of time before “common people” react in sufficient numbers to offset, then overcome, them.

      Some counter measures of the masses are quiet and steady; others are sudden and assertive, but, when combined, exacerbate the fear power mongers experience when we come marching, so to speak, which is perhaps the oldest and most effective force multiplier.

      And that is exactly why they must keep us divided at all costs and warring amongst ourselves (aided and abetted in this era via Identity Politics fueled by Intersectionality).



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