Candace Owens Interviews Sebastian Gorka

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Sebastian Gorka, former deputy assistant to President Trump and host of “America First,” joins Candace in the studio this week for a conversation on the indoctrination of the Left, the assassination of masculinity, and his experiences inside the Trump administration…

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2 Responses to Candace Owens Interviews Sebastian Gorka

  1. Thank you Phyllis for bringing this interview to a wider audience. There seems to be an ustoppable force in modern culture, the aim of which is to deconstruct, subvert and destabilise every thread of society. That which keeps humanity above the level of brute force and primitive motivations is being undermined in the interests of so-called progress but is actually regress. Humanity is regressing, stepping back, into moral and social confusion under a veneer of misguided left-wing intellectualism that claims to promote a benign civilisation. The irony is not lost on those of us who can see through the evil facade.


    • pbn says:

      I would argue it one further.

      The “protesters” referenced in the interview who responded to what would in any definition of “intellectualism” be reasonable prompts such as Owens and Gorka presented, responded, in fact, with emotion-goaded anti-intellectualism.

      If, according to The American Heritage® Dictionary, intellectualism is an “exercise of or application of the intellect,” then screaming comments such as “white supremacist,” “house wench,” “Uncle Tom,” etc., to conservative black woman Candace Owens before she even speaks, and spewing “F—ing Nazi” to Sebastian Gorka when he simply identified himself at his daughter’s graduation ceremony to the young, enraged girl, are examples of a complete absence of intellectual activity let alone any kind of entry-level, rational thought.

      They are examples of people caught up in the drumbeat of cult-like memes, chants, and slogans designed to strike the bottom of the brain and keep the “protesters” chained in a mental prison camp of fear, panic, and hatred where such anti-intellectual, emotion-spiked “responses” can overpower them, like temper tantrums on crack.

      And sadly, such individuals are being used by the real intellectuals who have given their philosophies and ideologies long, careful thought.

      It’s just that, at first, they need the screaming, insulting street fighters, as it were (and the literal street thugs like Antifa) for a little while to go out ahead of them to stir up violence of thought word and deed in order to try to intimidate and hush any who dare disagree with them or their goals, if the youngsters even know what those goals are, I should say, the goals of their intellectual handlers.

      I doubt that many of the cultists who behave in such manner have ever even heard real history, facts, let alone debate on the issues that the terms they spew relate to, terms such as socialism, communism, nazism (national socialism), fascism, and so on.

      Not to mention the power of mob mentality and hive mind over their intellects that exacerbate mind control.

      That said, we are indeed at the place where “There seems to be an ustoppable force in modern culture, the aim of which is to deconstruct, subvert and destabilise every thread of society” that is, as you also put it, causing humanity to regress “back, into moral and social confusion.”

      I think both Owens and Gorka are right in that it is necessary to try to draw the mind (and emotion) controlled victims aside from the power of the mob into one-on-one conversations if there is to be any hope for a lot of them, particularly those on college campuses where several very potent modes of persuasion are continuously utilized, most notably, the appeal to authority (college professors) and, of course, the appeal to emotion, with a generous dose of appeals to imagination and hope that there is surely, in this case, a rosy future full of “free stuff for all” socialist utopia on the horizon (if “a few eggs have to be cracked” along the way to the actual establishment of this ideological omelette…).

      Is there enough time, however, as we witness the extent of the intellectual damage already done and its pervasiveness among the impressionable young in particular?

      That’s up for grabs.

      But even if not, we have to try for as long as we can, for every one persuaded out is one more free.

      And freedom is far, far more persuasive and powerful than totalitarianism has ever been.

      Let’s just hope and pray it won’t take another baptism in blood in this country such as did our Revolutionary War and our Civil War.



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