NEW PROPHECY CHART (# 9 of 9): “Dividing Time, 19” by Claire Gumbs


This NEW chart covers the element of time (the “when”) of prophecy and it is a continuation of the series, “On Time, History, and Messiah the Prince.” (View the entire, free, downloadable series here.) Highlights include:

  • Where the time element is discussed in Scripture, including Genesis, Leviticus, Daniel, Isaiah,  and Matthew;
  • The beginning of time, the split of time and a significant convergence of time;
  • The importance of the number 19, especially in this year of 2019 (and several more instances of 19 in relation to time and prophecy);
  • The special significance of October, 2019, on both the Jewish (lunar/solar) calendar and a rare synchronicity with the Gentile (solar), “Julian/Gregorian” calendar;
  • An enhanced time chart including nuances of the Hebrew words for “time” specifically chosen by the Prophet Daniel as inspired by God to describe the prophetic timeline; and
  • This chart also references the ancient cypher machine called the Antikythera Mechanism, a technological artifact that, among many uses, is another witness of the biblical mainstream of time. Gumbs details this more in chart #5, “Model of Three then Four” and chart #8,  “67-June-7-1967

chart 9: Dividing Time 19






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2 Responses to NEW PROPHECY CHART (# 9 of 9): “Dividing Time, 19” by Claire Gumbs

  1. Carl Gordon says:

    VERY NICE!  A minor idea, where you reference “Julian” calendar, could that be changed to Julian/Gregorian ?


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