Part 7: “Then they came (for my ancestors)”–Holocaust Survivor Dies (It Was Real)

Phyllis Beveridge Nissila

WWII Dutch Resistance leader and Holocaust survivor Diet Eman died this week at age 99. Her story is encapsulated in a ten minute video interview she gave in 2017 as part of a Fox 17, West Michigan, news report.

I have linked to a much more in depth interview with her, below, in which she not only tells of her experiences in a concentration camp but also gives her Christian testimony of God’s faithfulness toward her during that time.

I include this feature in my series for three reasons:

  • A recent study conducted by  Schoen Consulting (Feb. 23-27), found that “Over a fifth of millennials in the United States have not heard of or are unsure if they have heard of the Holocaust […] The survey, which was commissioned by the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany (also known as the Claims Conference), found that many Americans were unaware of basic facts about the Holocaust.”;
  • the rise of anti-Semitism worldwide, where the voices of Holocaust deniers have become louder concurrent with the deletion, or distortion, of the historical record of the Holocaust in history classes; and
  • the use of the idea of “concentration camp,” nevertheless, as a distorted meme by a certain young, radical-left millenial in the U.S. Congress to attempt to create some kind of moral equivalency between the real camps and detention centers where children illegally brought into the country over our southern border are held, fed, clothed, given medical care, education, and entertainment while their parents are processed for their crimes. One wonders if this millenial has also been denied the real history of genuine concentration camps. However, it is clear that she has been taught of the power of the association over those who still know real history and who are unaware of the comparison being used as a propaganda tool. Eman’s testimony is one more voice of reality which will hopefully set the record straight for those with ears–and hearts–to hear.

This entire series found here.


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