(Part 1) The Danger of E Unum Pluribus via Intersectionality and Intro: Survival Tools Redux/Updates

Phyllis Beveridge Nissila

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E Unum Pluribus?

Since the inception of the United States, we have been known for the motto E Pluribus Unum: “Out of many, one.” This visionary phrase appears most notably on the nation’s Great Seal (image at left) and U.S. coinage.

It’s a hopeful motto, like considering a glass half full instead of half empty, or like former President Harry S. Truman’s definition of an optimist as “one who makes opportunities of his difficulties.”

On the other side of that coin, figuratively speaking, however, things could go wonky, both in concept and in reality.

Indeed, public discourse and governmental policy-making may be getting close to a “half empty” or pessimistic state of affairs, i.e.,  the reverse of what was intended back in 1782, to becoming dangerously near a state of E Unum Pluribus  or, “Out of one, many”–which is how it appears on the title of this post.

How? Consider Intersectionality.


By reversing the motto in the title what I mean is this. In light of the exponential and recent rise of the political movement called “intersectionality” (see previous related posts here and here), what was once the guiding light (our motto) of this little experiment in a representative republic called the United States of America that welcomes (legally) all those who wish to assimilate into this land of opportunity and to participate in shaping its civil and moral codes based on the unifying theme of our motto, the United States as we have known it until about the mid-twentieth century is in serious danger of falling apart, fracturing into brittle intellectual and emotional silos of ideology, by the old divide and conquer (aka “divide and rule”) strategy.

The ideological silos include race, creed, color, gender, religion, sexual orientation, and political affiliation.

Divisions are walled up by appeals to emotion which shut down–and shut up–reason.

Political Correctness, “identity politics,” and the unfettered rage of Antifa thugs in the streets also make it increasingly difficult for ordinary people to trust they will remain safe going out on the streets–and/or out on a limb of any discussion not deemed PC with the hard left and Democrat Socialists who are at the helm of promoting Intersectionality. Currently, the immutable characteristic of skin color has taken precedence as the popular dividing force in that movement.

In other words, the State of the Union is in danger of fast becoming the State of  Disunion via the intended (and for those perhaps still wrapped in idealism, unintended) consequences of Intersectionality (as discussed in my posts, linked above, and defined further, here).

All of this means that anarchy, as history warns, inevitably follows when power structures are reduced to factions warring against one another making a nation–our nation–then primed for a “fundamental transformation” as desired by those who do not like the United States of America as it was originally intended, as it is now, or as it might continue to be–a work in progress, a work in freedom.

Many fear that the hopeful “tranformers” will win out, particularly as anger and fear arguably fuel this stage of the revolution (for anybody paying attention comprehends that it is a revolution in progress in the United States, just not yet in the most violent stages of same).

Unless wiser, cooler heads prevail, and people wake up and act accordingly and appropriately, the radical transformation will ensue–and ultimately enslave–because anger and fear are two of the most potent and game-changing emotions to rule mankind.

When anger and fear turn to rage and groups splinter into warring tribes, they weaken and fall under the rule of the splinter-mongers, you might call them–those who are really at the top of the power pyramid and who know exactly what they are doing by inciting insurrection and fueling fueds.

The troubled and troubling tribes may be unaware of this, as anger has a way of blinding people, keeping them focused on survival of the group leaving little time for critical thinking, thus leaving lots of time and room for the real power-mongering class to, well, divide and conquer.

But I think for anybody with eyes to see and ears to hear (and who has resisted the ideological brain washing and mind control) the focus must be on…


There are, of course, political candidates and parties to seriously study and support who oppose this fundamental transformation of the United States that has been gradually snaking its way into more and more levels of our culture and ruling bodies, but there is also a need, in my view, for information on effective resistance–not only physical and mental but also spiritual and not just for groups but for each of us, individually.

For as those with eyes to see and ears to hear in another sense, this one spiritual, we know who the real enemy is.

We know who really rules from behind the, in this case invisible, scenes and who is bent on the destruction of all–even those who would rule with iron fists and “boots on the neck”.

He–and his henchmen–are described here;

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places (Ephesians 6:12, KJV).

For my contribution to this resistance effort, my next blog posts will be updates of former posts on the topic of spiritual (and physical) survival most of which are found listed in this category: “Survival tools

I encourage you to carry on with your part, as well, no matter how small it may seem.

For every bit of resistance counts, and strengthens the whole.


Update: I often think the lyrics from the 1967 song by Stephen Stills, “For What It’s Worth,” very applicable in certain respects to the state of things today in the U.S.

Image of the Great Seal of the United States from Wikimedia Commons

Image of broken glass from Wikimedia Commons



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2 Responses to (Part 1) The Danger of E Unum Pluribus via Intersectionality and Intro: Survival Tools Redux/Updates

  1. pbn says:


    Thank you for your response. I sometimes think I am simply just tossing my bread upon the water and it sinks, LOL.

    But my drive to share my thoughts in the best way I know how overtakes any minor and temporary discouragement. Besides, as you note, a LOT of people feel the same way! I just happen to have a blog and a “need” to write.

    We are more numerous than “the opposition” thinks, and we still have the power of the ballot box. And as more people become awakened to the evil that would destroy our nation, that power is increased.

    In fact, the opposition wouldn’t be trying so desperately hard to intimidate us, shut us down, and use violence against us (Antifa) if we were not such a real and powerful force.

    We all have ways of getting the word out, however, and ways of encouraging one another. And prayer, as you also note, is our direct link to that Someone Who is above all and Who will at length resolve all the darkness just now flooding the world.

    In the meantime, we need to “man our spiritual battle stations,” as it were, and minister in each our unique ways as gifted by the Holy Spirit.

    Carry on, brother!



  2. Louie Kraaz says:

    Phyllis, as usual you have put into words what many feel….and you do it so well.
    I am so tired of not only the left’s constant pull away from our country’s roots, constitutionally as well as morally, but of the so called right’s inability or unwillingness to counter this constant desire to drive us into darkness. I have to keep reminding myself of the essential necessity of constant prayer; not only to counter the dark forces, but also to remember that we have a hope in Someone that the world cannot defeat. Thank God! Thank you Phyllis for so many well thought out commentaries. I appreciate reading your thoughts.


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