Part 4: “Then they came (for my ancestors)”–College Propaganda Mills

Phyllis Beveridge Nissila

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Section 1: Article Review, “Terrifying video on antisemitic conference at the University of North Carolina”

“Ami Horowitz, the investigatory filmmaker who often exposes campus madness, has produced a video that ought to terrify anyone familiar with the history of Weimar Germany.  Then, as now, universities were among the leaders in whipping up Jew-hatred and actually persecuting Jews.”

Thus begins the brief essay and video review featured in Part 4 of my series, written by Thomas Lifson in today’s (4/13/19) online edition of American Thinker.

The unashamedly antisemitic event Horowitz attended was sponsored by the University of North Carolina and Duke University and held recently at UNC.

Lifson continues–and this is perhaps the most chilling part in a nation where we are still supposed to be protected by First Amendment rights to free speech and press–“Horowitz was denied access to film the conference but snuck in sound equipment and somehow managed to get a clip of the crowd cheering when the speaker onstage complimented them: ‘You look beautifully antisemitic,’ to the accompaniment of loud music and strobe lights.”

But is it any wonder why he was eventually told to leave in this frightening era when it seems that, more and more, only certain kinds of thinking and political views are allowed on college campuses–of all places?

The rest of this story is best gleaned from Horowitz’s eye–microphone and camera–witness. I don’t know how long this video will remain available here:

Still think a Holocaust can’t happen again?

Even in the United States of America?

Section 2, Resources– Article and Historic Photos on “Nazi Book Burnings

Not too long after the propaganda had turned a sufficient amount of students and faculty against the Jews in Germany in the 1930s came the book burnings at libraries, particularly the libraries on college campuses.

Books reflecting anything other than Nazi ideology were first on the burn piles. Here is a list of authors of such verboten books, some of whom were able to leave Nazi Germany in time often sponsored and/or protected by foreign institutions of higher learning, others, however, perished in concentration camps.

Of particular focus, of course, were Hebrew Torahs and Judeo/Christian Bibles. Author Alan Confino comments on that specific book purge in his article, “Why the Nazis Burned the Hebrew Bible, From a Germany without Jews to a world without Jews” in the online June, 2014 edition of Commentary magazine.

“Burning the Bible was a transgressive act against a key symbol of German culture, and as such was not only transgressive but liberating: The new national identity would henceforth owe nothing to the Jews and would owe nothing to previous moral and cultural constraints in treating other Christian Europeans. It was not an anti-Christian project, as some have said of Nazism; rather, it was a project to construct a new German Christianity that would owe nothing to the Jews and to other Christian Europeans. The enslavement of Europeans, which would soon follow to the amazement of the people of the Continent, depended on the destruction of the Jews first.”

Note: I have added the bolding and second italicizing in case the reader may have become propagandized to equate classic Christianity with Hitler’s version which was decidedly not Christianity but a new, Nazified version.

Book burning in Berlin, May, 1933

What happened next is a history we cannot allow to repeat here in the United States or anywhere else.

Shame on college campuses where at least the (real) history and sociology faculty should know better than to allow the spread of blatant antisemitism–some events secretive, however, as in the UNC/Duke event, if antisemites can get away with it.


Video credit: YouTube screen grabs.

Image from United States Holocaust Memorial Museum  by Unknown, from the Public Domain.


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2 Responses to Part 4: “Then they came (for my ancestors)”–College Propaganda Mills

  1. A frightening exposure of what is going in our so-called liberal culture. If ideas cannot be freely debated in our universities and colleges, what price will we eventually pay in a democratic society where freedom of expression should not have a question mark attached to it? Already inroads have been made, illiberal measures imposed by ‘liberal’ politicians. You’re right, only one narrative is permissible and that is almost entirely left-wing and liberal.

    The rise of antisemitism raises the spectre of Nazi Germany and its satellites. Here we go again, history repeating itself. It is just the same here in the UK where the socialist Labour Party is rife with antisemitism, ironically a political party that has always had a strong attraction for Jews. The stumbling block is the Israel/Palestine saga but the antisemtic net has widened to include all Jews. Some of the opposition is vile and is a cause for scandal.


    • pb says:


      Yes! and if it weren’t for the very specific and trackable events of prophecy, the whole situation would be even more distressing.

      Echoes of “Maranatha, come Lord Jesus!” sound louder and louder with each passing day, and believers can take comfort in looking up as, it seems, civilization winds down.

      That said, it often occurs to me how even “(God’s) people perish for a lack of knowledge (daath–knowledge of God, obedience)” let alone those who reject Him for the religious, social, and/or ideological gods of the day, a wildly eclectic and usually deadly cadre of pied pipers to align oneself with, as history reveals.

      Blessings and cheers,


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