Review: “Unplanned,” the Movie, and Abby Johnson’s Story

Phyllis Beveridge Nissila

My friend and I saw the pro-life movie Unplanned a few days ago. It is the true bio-pic of former Planned Parenthood clinic director Abby Johnson who had a life-changing reversal of mind and heart after helping with an abortion.

What she saw on the ultra sound she was asked to monitor during a “vacuum aspiration abortion” caused a painful epiphany. It reduced her to tears and grief. She left the industry within a few days and is now an outspoken pro-life advocate.

The movie includes a vacuum aspiration abortion ultra sound* and my friend and I instinctively grabbed each others’ arms and cried during the few minutes’ procedure as the baby met its fate. Body part by body part. Moving around in the womb to avoid the cannula (suction hose) as long as it could…

The film received an “R” rating for the violence depicted in the abortion procedure.

As well it should have.

Abortion procedures at the baby’s stage of development (12 weeks) depicted, as well as in other stages of a pre-born life, is a violent way for a baby to die. Also extremely painful. The most violent and painful being partial birth abortions  performed up to the baby’s due date.

Johnson’s story, below, includes information and help for women who have had abortions as well as help for abortion industry workers who want to get out of the business. The movie is based on her book Unplanned: The dramatic true story of a former Planned Parenthood leader’s eye-opening journey across the life line. (Tyndale, 2011).

Here is Abby Johnson’s story.

Produced by OneLife LA. Published on Sep 29, 2015.

*Note: the abortion procedure is a CGI creation but according to Johnson depicts closely what she witnessed. The violence is described as “some disturbing bloody images” by the film rating organization.

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