Curious about “Intersectionality”? America Devolving Into Socialism? American Thinker Article Explains and Encourages

Phyllis Beveridge Nissila

It seems that every day there’s some new hip, slick, cool term that has a hard left political vibe to it because the people with all the letters after their names and/or who are enjoying social media political fame du jour have garnered attention via the mechanisms employed by complicit media, the ruling class, and academic institutions. Today’s term is “intersectionality,” defined brilliantly, in my view, in the article linked in the next paragraph.

Whereas this is not the main point of “The Left Has Insured that this  Will Never be a Socialist Country,” Steve McCann (American Thinker 2/13/19), it is a key Orwellian term to become familiar with.

You see, intersectionality helps identify the salient victim groups in modern identity politics (another Orwellian-based concept) that keep everyone warring with everyone else so that, say, enough chaos can be ginned up–and enough attention drawn away from–the attempted Socialist coup-from-within. Thus, the powers-that-be can add fuel to the needed “divide and conquer” fires (read: distractions) required to tribalize and takeover an otherwise functional population.

Ask anyone who’s had a real history class where the tragic and murderous outcomes of Socialism, Communism, Fascism, and the ideological like, have been attempted under the marketing campaign of “sharing the wealth,” “income and social equality” and, today, say, “the Green New Deal”*.

Even better, for a modern eye-witness to the real outcomes, spend a few days in Venezuela (but stay safe!) especially if you have been hooked into pro-Socialist (seven-second) sound bytes and “news feeds” limited to memes and memo-length abbreviations crafted more to indoctrinate than to inform and instruct.  Or crafted by those who want to be considered hip, slick, and cool, and who hop on the bandwagon before investigating where it’s really headed.

The reality “on the ground” in Venezuela and many other places where such ideologies have failed the people, ideologies now advertised and espoused by America’s hard left, will offer some shocking revelations.

But see what you think.


*Here is a summary of the main points of the Green New Deal with a thoughtful warning. However, there are many more expert analyses available regarding its damaging potentials given as warnings from history teachers, career economists, politicians on the center left and the right, religious leaders, and serious investigative journalists.

As a rhetoric instructor, I would also caution against assuming the meaning of terms and proposals used in the Green New Deal, such as “economic security,” “reducing income inequality,” “deindustrialized communities,” and “depopulated rural communities,” mean what you think they mean. (There are in all 55 major legislative points listed.) Perhaps more importantly, what they might mean at all in this kind of heavily politicized, highly word-smith’d, list.

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