Post Script: on the Childbirth/End Times Prophecy Analogy–Are We Due?

Phyllis Beveridge Nissila

If there were a post script for my series on the childbirth analogy Jesus used to help explain  prophetic events of the end times, I would put it like this: once the baby has emerged into his or her brand new reality/world, when the clock ticks “due,” whether the timepiece is monitoring pregnancy or prophecy, there is no going back.

By citing childbirth, Jesus uses a very clear analogy, aided in its strength and instructional force by the fact that at least half of the human race, women, can relate in the most dramatic of ways.

And it is not hard for anybody else to comprehend the comparison, either.

Jesus, Metaphorist of metaphorists, He “through Whom all things were made” in the physical realm, provides some pretty potent “shows and tells” leading, guiding, and directing us to realities in the spiritual realm, as well.

And in  these days I believe we may well be experiencing those prophetic “birth pains” of which He spoke–and warned–before the emergence of the next era of prophetic history, the so-called Millennial Kingdom, a time of peace and restoration, already written up in God’s Word.

I think secular observers may also find this easy to comprehend, considering the painful events happening in today’s world.


As Dorothy said in The Wizard of Oz, “I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas (a type of normalcy) anymore.”

My encouragement to you, then, gentle reader, is to consider the portent of what wickedness has already come crashing in on our world–north, south, east, and west–and choose today Whom you will serve.

It’s clear, in both physical and spiritual realms, we are due for something.


Entire series, here.

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4 Responses to Post Script: on the Childbirth/End Times Prophecy Analogy–Are We Due?

  1. pbn says:

    Hi, Holly,

    Thank you for stopping by. I agree, it IS hard to fathom that we may be close to the “birth pangs” part of prophecy because the normalcy bias is so strong.

    I think you likely understand many more aspects of this whole metaphor, as the mother of ten!


  2. Holly Held says:

    I’ve been writing a rapture series, and my last delved into the birth pangs. So much foretold in the Old Testament. We were told, yet it’s still kind of hard to fathom as we watch things changing before our very eyes.


  3. pbn says:

    Yes, it did occur to me as I worked on this post that follows my previous post on the horrible news about the pro-infanticide views actually getting traction on this side of the Atlantic, that the two commentaries go together in a way.

    Thank you for keeping us abreast of how our decisions in the United States have such influence elsewhere in the world…for both good and bad outcomes.

    And for the reminder about the “higher court” we will all attend one day.


  4. Well put Phyllis. You captured something vital in your postscript. Just as prophecy always comes about, so too each human life being formed in the womb is a divinely predestined, for we are made in His image. Just as God is spirit, He endows us with His eternal spirit in our finite physical bodies, a status unique amongst living creatures. It is a grave matter for a human life to be terminated on the whim and judgement of the court of human opinion, the prevailing mood or trend of political turmoil, for there is a higher court before which we are all bound to appear. No man or woman has the right to take from this world that which is God-given, a newly-formed human being whose survival is totally dependent on a natural flow of love and compassion, not coldness and indifference, the mechanistic worldview of atheism. Just as evil migrates from one willing host to another, watch how this outrage crosses the Atlantic to be eagerly adopted by ‘progressive’ European states, reigniting the euthanasia debate in its wake.

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