On Wagon Wheels and Ministries for Such a Time As This

Phyllis Beveridge Nissila

royalty free wagon wheel image

Living on the West Coast of the United States, as I do, formerly known as the “Wild West,” one sees rusty, crusty old wagon wheels in many places. I saw some today.

Such wheels transported “Oregon Trail” pioneers from the decidedly more civilized Eastern and Midwestern U.S. during the nineteenth century. Some of the old, iconic Conestoga wagons hitched atop the wheels are now displayed in museums while others are slowly disintegrating on old farm lands, their skeletal remains hearkening the imagination back in time.

What brought the wheels to mind to share here was how the spokes affixed to their hub serve as a good visual representation of  Christian ministries affixed to Jesus Christ, He Who is the central figure of our salvation.

But these kind of wheels are not merely on display as artifacts of some old era. They are formed continually anew to transport another kind of migrant in every time period who seeks a better, in this case spiritual, land of opportunity, pioneering toward timeless Truth at another kind of trail’s end.

Whether today’s ministers–individual spokes, if you will–teach, preach, write, sing, pray, encourage, heal, or simply live out our lives in service to others or even just one other, each  God-ordained, Holy-Spirit-empowered Christian worker is a needful part of the whole, moving God’s plan of redemption for mankind toward, in this case, the eternal promised land.

That’s how we roll, you might say, as believers in Jesus Christ, so be encouraged in your calling.

For although God can use another or others to accomplish His will in this era, perhaps you, like Esther in the book named after her, “have come to your position” for such a time as this.

And God speed.

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3 Responses to On Wagon Wheels and Ministries for Such a Time As This

  1. Carl Gordon says:

    The wagon wheel reminds me of one of the trifolds in your products page too, The one on the moedim. Inside it shows a chart how His appointed times start (and will finish) on a day and how all His appointments are connected. Really enjoyed the encouragement of this article, “each God-ordained, Holy-Spirit-empowered Christian worker is a needful part of the whole…” Thank you.


  2. A great analogy, eloquently put. The spokes point in all directions of the compass, reminding us that the faithful remnant are scattered across the globe.


    • pmb says:

      Thank you, Fellowship…

      I hadn’t thought of how the spokes do just that–point in all directions.

      God has opened up vast, new doors of ministry by way of this invention called the Internet, for as much as it can be used for harm, too.

      But that applies to any Christian “gathering,” electronic or brick and mortar, where there are always wolves and snakes lurking about…

      Discernment remains the order of the day!

      Cheers and blessings,


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