Interview with Elena Freeland, Author of Under an Ionized Sky on TFR with Physicist Anthony Patch and Kev Baker

Here is, I believe, one of the most important interviews to date, encapsulating, as per the promo, “the full spectrum dominance of modern science in the forms of electromagnetism, chemtrailing and nanobots/particles within all our bodies. The overarching of the transhumanist and singularity agenda, along with quantum computing and CERN.”*

I have long been a fan of physicist Anthony Patch and recently, of Elena Freeland**, an expert in all things nanobot, specifically, via chemtrails. I would also cite Patrick Wood*** (author of Technocracy Rising) in the mix of who is on the cutting edge of comprehension and definition of how the world is morphing into, as all three would agree, not only an IoT (Internet of Things) but also a sentient world system soon to be enhanced greatly by 5g technology.

Worth a listen, even for non-tech people (like myself) as the speakers address these compelling topics.

Here is the interview from 8/10/18, on Truth Frequency Radio (TFR) Live.


**Elena Freeland



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