On Jesus’ Comparison of End Times with Childbirth (From the Labor and Delivery Room)

Phyllis Beveridge Nissila

It occurs to me that considering the times we are in, globally, it might be helpful to re-publish the following three blog posts treating the analogy Jesus used to illustrate how end times events are like a woman in the childbirth process. A mother’s perspective on this is rarely heard, as, for one thing, most preachers are men who cannot experience this phenomenon though they might have academic knowledge, and for another, the rise of so-called Kingdom Now and Dominion/Christian Reconstructionism theologies have precluded the teaching of prophecy in many churches.

What I offer, here, as one who has given birth twice, are three views from the labor and delivery room, so to speak, to expand the analogy Jesus used. At least for me, this brings end times events referenced by our Lord into much clearer and sharper focus and meaning because although one can read up on what happens, there are a few surprises for she who actually experiences the process that I believe drive this analogy home.

#1 From August 3, 2014: 

On Surviving Temporal and Spiritual “Birth Pangs”


#2 From July 11, 2015:

“As Labor Pains on a Pregnant Woman”: “Has the (Prophetic) Baby Dropped?”


#3 From December 20, 2016:

Is It Time to “Push”?–On the End Stage of the Childbirth/Prophecy Analogy


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1 Response to On Jesus’ Comparison of End Times with Childbirth (From the Labor and Delivery Room)

  1. Cathy says:

    The BEST Way to Convey the End Times…even a Male could understand!😉
    1/3 of NT is Prophecy,,,Very Important! HE IS Coming…Look Up your Redemption Is NEAR!


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