On Justice, Timing, the NDAA, and the IG Report: Take Heart–“Though the mills of God grind slowly…” There Might Be A Reason

Phyllis Beveridge Nissila

On Justice

One of the most frustrating things in life is to wait for justice, particularly when evidence abounds.

Just now, the “justice mills” here in the United States seem to be grinding the slowest in the political realm, specifically, regarding the results of the recent Inspector General Report concerning what many believe to be the obvious political bias regarding certain activities surrounding the 2016 election–even though the I.G., in his context, disagrees.

However, as an encouragement to remain calm and clear-minded, I think of  this classic quote (source: The Phrase Finder):

Though the mills of God grind slowly, yet they grind exceeding small;
Though with patience he stands waiting, with exactness grinds he all.*

And so.


HOWEVER, I believe it’s actually a good thing to be in this waiting mode, though it be amid the maddening slow-walk of justice for the (IMO) culpable. Because when every jot and tittle of evil is exposed, truth, as they say, stands alone. And truth encourages, strengthens, and emboldens. Proverbs 28:28 comes to mind, here:

When the wicked  [guilty] rise  [become powerful in a hostile sense], men hide themselves: but when they perish [fail], the righteous [lawful] increase [multiply]. (KJV).

Of course some might oppose, spin, or deny the truth–or attempt to change the subject.

But in the meantime–while tempers are at bay waiting for the investigations to conclude–more and more people have a chance to become informed, and, as yet another saying goes, there is strength in numbers–if the awakened numbers act appropriately on the disclosure of the (whole) truth, that is.

But what is most on my mind about this wait-out, i.e. the good part, is that there might be another possible reason that has more to do with God’s timing than political timing. See what you think.

Heads-up: the discussion that follows incorporates the doctrine of the (Pre-Tribulation) Rapture which some find controversial.

On (God’s) Timing and Another Possible Reason (?) for Delays…

If, indeed, as prophecy scholars note, what we are waiting for that will trigger the next major prophetic event (which many believe to be the “harpazo,” or “catching away,” aka the “Rapture” of the Church) is the conversion of the “last” person so that “the fullness of the Gentiles” will have “come in,” apparently we need more time.

The definition of the word “fullness,” by the way, in this specific context, indicates a literal “full number” akin to the full number of crew members on a ship before it sails.

Another way to look at this is, if we didn’t need more time for the remaining members of the Church to “come on board,” so to speak, well, according to the doctrine, the Church would not be here; thus…delays…

So what does this have to do with the IG Report?!

To tie this in with the Report: if the Inspector General’s conclusion noted the (obvious) political bias in the documents, what with the state of rage over politics that has ramped up in the last 7 or 8 years, this might have triggered such violence in the streets (with a little help from well-funded “black bloc” anarchists) that our way of government–and life–might have been seriously compromised. Think martial law.

What I mean is, if enough mayhem would have been ginned up over the obvious truth exhibited in text and email conversations, in these unprecedented days of modern violence over politics in America, critical aspects of our freedoms could have been nullified by provisions in a little piece of legislation not too many people are aware of yet called the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA, 1961) . This legislation, quietly but steadily over the previous two presidential administrations in particular, has expanded “permission” for the government to, among other things,

Wait, what? No due process?

I know.


Read the Act here.

Thus, IF the comprehensive truth about what went on over political bias (and other issues) impacting the 2016 United States’ elections had been accurately acknowledged in the recent Inspector General’s Report, can you imagine the possible uproar (read, violence and vandalism) that might have ensued, especially if aided and abetted by so-called #resistance operatives and paid rioters who have, of late, been arguably overpowering legal protesters?

WORSE, YET, now that you know about the NDAA, can you imagine how, if things got SO bad, ALL of us, both sides of the political aisle, might have lost many of our First Amendment freedoms?

Now, how all  this ties in with justice and timing, politics and the Rapture, consider:

IF all of us–both sides of the political aisle–lose our freedoms by such as the NDAA (a version of martial law) due to the kind of heightened violence over politics that has erupted in the streets, lecture halls, and other places,  in the last several years, it would be game over. Our First Amendment rights would be seriously imperiled, if not nullified, for a possibly unspecified length of time.

And this threat has been hanging over our heads for some years, already.

Don’t think those who have been in power and who are in power now aren’t well versed in the NDAA. Many of them are the same who voted to enhance its powers in recent years.

And it might easily be concluded that some of them who did so have been quite in favor of transforming America from a representative republic to the kind of government that has complete control over its people–via such as the NDAA, if necessary.

And the “sell” would be easy to the uninformed.

After all, these days, what with the escalation of violence mixed with legal protests, it’s easy enough to stir up enough strife and violence to gin up so much fear that “the people,” themselves, would clamor for such “protection” as the government via the NDAA could provide. Think of how easy it was to get the highly controversial, expanded version of the Patriot Act passed after the events of 9/11.

It’s just that, for now, those who would desire to fundamentally transform our form of government are not in the front line positions anymore, at least until some future election.

So in that sense, it is good to have “unfinished business” as long as the majority can remain calm–and patient. This reminds me of an old expression from the 60s that went something like, “What if they gave a revolution and nobody showed up?”

And to my secondary focus: Christians still have more time to, in this case, “be about our Father’s business,” as in getting out the word–the Word–which believers hail as the only lasting solution to not only the political mess but also the sin mess that is more and more imperiling this old world–until such time as God intervenes again and all Hell breaks loose literally,  which, according to the Rapture doctrine, will commence after the “catching away”.

Make sense?

In other words: time is of great importance. For everybody. To act (guided by restraint and wisdom)–and to refrain from (violent) acting–so that we still can act before such as the NDAA takes away our liberties to do so, without due process, by whomever might happen to be in power at the time…

And until such time as the full contingent of believers is on board.


In the spiritual context, then, let me conclude in the best way I know how, for now, later, and forever, by asking one more question:

Is it you?

I mean, maybe it’s you who are that “last one”–or one of them–to come on board. NOTE: not to a brick and mortar edifice or an institution representing the Church, but a spiritual community of living, breathing, thinking, loving, hurting, longing human beings who have honestly sought the answers you, too, perhaps, have been asking about God, I mean the REAL God, not the fake one some people invent for money and power.

Maybe it is even the God you used to know, or Who is evident to you when you think or feel deeply about things…consider the extraordinary designs of nature…ponder anything that defies everything you’ve heard so far for answers because there is still some emptiness inside. And logic points to something else “out there”.

Maybe even the same God who has been tugging at your mind and heart of late or just now–you know what I mean?

If so, here’s what He has for you. For starters. And that is just the beginning.

Ask Him to explain this, if it’s new information, and see what comes to mind.

Given the news on the political front–and everything else of concern going on around the world no matter which election cycle in what country–there isn’t any news that is better than the Good News of God’s love and grace for you.

While Christians may yet convey it…

While you may yet receive it

Now, while we still wait, would be an excellent time.

UPDATE: Since I began this post, yet another highly-emotionally charged crisis has suddenly appeared on the political landscape (although the conditions warranting attention of the appropriate kind to the matter have been in place for many years and several administrations). I’m sure the reader knows what this is. And so I again emphasize the call for patience, wisdom, and clear thinking.

Sadly, prophetically speaking, none of this is going to get much better for a season of time.

Stay strong, friends.

As the saying goes, “Keep calm and carry on.”


*From “The Dictionary of Cliches” by James Rogers (Wings Books, Originally New York: Facts on File Publications, 1985).

For more of my thoughts and opinions on the Rapture and possible timing, see here.


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2 Responses to On Justice, Timing, the NDAA, and the IG Report: Take Heart–“Though the mills of God grind slowly…” There Might Be A Reason

  1. Carl Gordon says:

    I wish this one would go viral…..it needs to. Thank you.


    • pmcb says:

      Hi, Carl,

      Regarding the superiority of truth to surface and justice to reign, no matter how long it takes and how frustrating: if evil, as brilliant as it is, were to be more powerful, this planet would have imploded eons ago.

      Evil, that is, as in the real source we knows as the original rebel, Lucifer–the same devil Saul Alinsky hails on the acknowledgement page of his book Rules for Radicals that so much of the far left is following, it appears, in lock step these days.

      Stay awake, aware, and alert, my friend.


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