More on White Genocide in South Africa: Ominous Symptoms in America, and More Ways to Help S.A.

I previously linked to an Olive Tree Ministries News Story on White Genocide in South Africa.

We don’t get this information here in the States by “mainstream news” media. But, of late, independent news outlets have been researching and exposing the truth and, thanks to brave reporters in Capetown and elsewhere in South Africa as well as here, the word–and the warnings–are spreading.

In my ongoing concern–and shock–over the situation, which was news to me as of perhaps a year ago, I found another truth-revealing video interview which I have linked, below.

I have also linked to the website of the interviewee, Brendi (Richards) Wells, who now lives in the U.S. and shares the story of what is really going on (and has been going on) in South Africa for a couple of decades, now.

She shares a few examples of how White citizens, Afrikaners, particularly farmers, are being brutally tortured and murdered (warning: there are a few very graphic descriptions–a picture and some videos–particularly in the second interview, starting at about the 50 minute mark) while the current government there not only looks on but approves.

Wells now lives in the U.S. and, she says, the push toward Communism along with the tell-tale signs and rhetoric of anti-White hatred that has been happening in this country is all too familiar to her–and all too ominous.

She issues a strong warning to Americans.

Here is her website:

Brendi is married to John B. Wells, former Saturday night host on Coast to Coast who also featured her on a his Caravan to Midnight program. Below is the interview that, after a short introduction, starts at about the 27 minute mark.

Mr. and Mrs. Wells express their personal religious and political views during the interview, some of which may not necessarily align with my own views or yours. However, and more importantly, the facts and the reality on the ground in South Africa pertaining to the tragedy of the anti-White politics and crimes in that nation cry out for attention and justice–if it’s not too late. They might also portend the future elsewhere, such as in the United States, where certain symptoms of similar politics and anti-White racism have begun to surface, in the last several years in particular.

Please take some time to view and listen, then perhaps ask yourself what shocks you about the information, if anything? Have you even heard any of this before? Why do you have such a strong emotional reaction to any of it, if you do? If it is a negative reaction, why, do you think? If positive, what do you think you can do to help?

The Wells’ suggest opportunities to both contact Congress (specifically, Senator Richard Black, VA, who is working on behalf of the White Africans who want to immigrate to the United States) and to donate to an account to help the effort, both opportunities cited at the end of the video.


P.S. RE: the brewing state of anti-White sentiment in the United States, consider, for just a few examples:


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