Revisiting The Clinton/Trump Hegelian Dialectic in Light of May 12, 14 and Prophecy

Phyllis Beveridge Nissila

The theory remains with me that the election of Donald Trump was part of an Hegelian dialectical process with Hillary Clinton being the “thesis (problem),” Trump being the “antithesis (solution),” and the “synthesis (resolution)” being the (pre-determined) form of governance desired by the global powers-that-be.  I wrote earlier, here and here and here, citing various reasons I keep this theory in mind.

Once in a while, something occurs that firms it up, particularly when the event or events synchronize with prophecy. This past week, several events occurred and this coming week, as we approach Israel’s 70th anniversary of becoming a nation again,  several more have and will, I believe, come into more alignment. The significance of the events–and their prophetic alignment–is well outlined, I believe, in Pastor J.D. Farag’s “Prophecy Update” of today, Sunday, May 6th, 2018. See what you think. But above all, make sure, as one of my brothers put it, “your spiritual bags are packed.”

UPDATE: the Hegelian dialectic is also sometimes described as “problem, reaction, solution,” where the “problem” is as pre-determined (created and/or ginned up) as the reaction and the solution.

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