“Where the Rubber Meets the Road…Jesus Christ”: On Reality–and Encouragement

Phyllis Beveridge Nissila

In the din of “what wickedness this way comes” (and seems to intensify daily) in the fast deteriorating geopolitical, spiritual, social, and physical world within which we live in 2018, I often need reminding of the foundation on which I stand: Jesus Christ.

I also need constant reminding that I am first an encourager, as one form of “helper,” which is what I sense is my primary “position” in the Body of Christ.

On the darkening world stage, I am also reminded of a statement given me long ago by a very wise person offering perspective on a specific, personal, long-term challenge in my life. This person offered, I would say prophesied, this: “Where the rubber meets the road, the issue will be Jesus Christ and Him, alone.” That has, in a significant sense, come to pass.

Ah. Yes. It helps to get right to–and/or back to–reality–although it may take some time, yet, to “get to Jesus Christ” with regard to what’s going on on the much bigger world stage today.

What do I mean by that?

From a prophetic worldview, believers who’ve done their homework  vis-a-vis prophecy (to which about one-third of the Bible is devoted) understand that events ramping up in the world in this time have great significance regarding the so-called “end of the Church Age.”

And it’s not likely to get much better until Jesus returns to earth. Indeed, if one studies the prophecies with an open mind and a careful eye, things are going to get a lot worse.


Because, as believers know, it’s not “flesh and blood” against which we war, but “against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this world’s darkness, and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” Whatever shape or form such evils may take.

However, even people who have no interest in spirituality or religion, indeed, even those opposed to all that, are noting we are “not in Kansas anymore,” to cite another idiom. I would add, nor any other State in the Union (ask anybody over forty).

So it can be hard to dodge the metaphorical (and sometimes literal) bullets whizzing past particularly when lawlessness (detailed in the prophecies for the age) ramps up, and it becomes so frustrating to feel as if one’s best efforts are akin to spitting into the ocean.

It’s easy to get bound up into the fray and remain “in the bottom of the brain” where little else can be accomplished beyond fighting, freezing, or fleeing, thus other, essential mental tasks such as critical thinking are over-ridden for the moment–day, week, month…

Therefore, when I drill back down to my foundation–aided by the reminder, above, that not only “all things are made through (Jesus Christ)” but revolve around Him as well–it helps to keep in mind His imminent return and what precedes it (here is an interesting perspective on the events).

All the havoc–real and ginned up–in today’s world is not just a disturbing, “new (secular) normal,” but also, through a believer’s lens, a convergence of many prophecies about the time in which we find ourselves. So it helps to be encouraged and to offer encouragement about a bigger reality: what’s next on the spiritual calendar.

And to remember: God is still in charge–and Jesus is still available to “call upon” for salvation should one think today might be a good day for that.

I share, here, a recent prophecy update by J.D. Farag, whose updates are among several I listen to, to keep a level head and a hopeful heart–despite what’s ramping up. Perhaps they will inform and encourage you as well.

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1 Response to “Where the Rubber Meets the Road…Jesus Christ”: On Reality–and Encouragement

  1. Colin Markham says:

    *Hi Phyllis,*

    *Thank you for sharing the inspiring preaching of J. D. Farag. So much truth in a little over half an hour. It’s all there.*

    *Count me in as one who can’t wait for the Second Coming of our Lord Jesus.*

    *Bless you.*



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