“Do One Thing Every Day That Makes You Happy”: Today’s Contribution! Enjoy!

Phyllis Beveridge Nissila

In the midst of–and despite–all the bad/fake/real/awful/depressing (insert anything else you can think of here) news (after all, “if it bleeds, it leads”) HEY:


I have a sign that says this on my kitchen wall. It’s big, it’s colorful, and it makes me happy just reading it despite all the world drama that is really never-ending, and eschatalogically speaking, won’t be over until it’s over.

THAT SAID, we still get to have happiness, joy, peace–good cheer, even!

Indeed, I think we need to embrace happiness whenever possible.

More importantly, SHARE IT!

I like to stay out of the prison of  “fight, flee, or freeze” at “the bottom of the brain” as much as I can.

And it’s not always easy.

But it is amazing how just a few minutes of “happy” in the myriad forms it can take, does absolutely wonderful,  unmitigated, extraordinary, beautiful things for not only the mind but also the soul.

Think about how easily laughter and smiles can spread…

And such things can light up any dark place–for you and whomever you share it with!

Here is a song that sort of stays on the back of my mind because it makes me happy, makes me smile, makes me dance all by myself, even!

Sharing this “happy” with you today! Crank it up there at home, in the office, or in the car and allow your spirit to be lifted for a bit today!

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1 Response to “Do One Thing Every Day That Makes You Happy”: Today’s Contribution! Enjoy!

  1. Carl Gordon says:

    Ha! This made me happy first reading then listening to the Happy song! Thanks for the edification 😍


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