How to Help the Victims of White Genocide in South Africa

Perhaps you, too, have come across some the  news about the severe racism endangering the lives and farms of White Afrikaners in South Africa. There is very little published in the U.S. on this, but many exposes and pleas for help exist elsewhere.

I’ve linked, below, to one video presentation and also to a message from Olive Tree Ministries on the urgency of the matter and what individuals can do to help that includes an opportunity to sign a petition requesting the U.S. government open up immigration from that country. Australia has already begun receiving the persecuted immigrants. And, of course, we need to pray.

Those exposing this persecution are using the expression “White Genocide”.

Here is the Olive Tree News feature: “See No Evil: The South African Holocaust.”

Here is the video (it is an excerpt from a lengthier one produced by journalist Lauren Southern):


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