Dealing With (Political and Other) Narcissists With Insights from David Johnston’s “Second Mile Principle”

Phyllis Beveridge Nissila

In some of my recent posts I have been offering my perspective on the state of “lethal rage,” you might put it, that I have observed in the behaviors and vitriol from some the extremist ends of the political spectrum.

These people, no matter which side or view they represent, sometimes remind me of narcissists in their treatment of anyone who opposes their stance. This can be very frustrating and requires careful thought and prayer as to how to–and if to–respond to them. And as a follower of Jesus Christ, I try my best to discern how He would have me respond–or not.

Not many preachers/teachers deal with this subject from the pulpit* but occasionally I find what resonates as truth in this regard–the kind of truth that, indeed, “sets you free” while also, hopefully, in some way, blesses the extremists, if they will receive such blessings at some point.

The embedded video is one such very insightful and helpful teaching by David Johnston. I offer it today to particularly help those who, due to some perhaps erroneous teachings on shame and guilt are unsure about just “how much abuse to take”–or if they should take any at all–whether the abuse is from political opponents or anyone else in their lives and/or relationships.

May it also set you free today.

Standard YouTube license.


*Side note: I have written prior about a certain neo-patriarchalist mindset that seems to have infected the church in the last about thirty years that, with insight from the biblical worldview represented in the presentation I have linked, would lead one to really understand that by placing the husband/father in the home as some kind of god-like figure to whom all must comply and submit completely, is to not only misrepresent the biblical teachings but also FEED A NARCISSIST, if not create one.


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