An Open Mind Does Not Mean God Drops Through, and The Professors’ View on the Current State of Freedom of Speech

Phyllis Beveridge Nissila

The very recent discussion, below, featuring four (classic) liberal college professors and authors is the kind of open-minded discussion of issues that excites me.

The fact that I don’t align with some of their opinions on some of the issues presented while I align with others is of secondary importance.

Why I am featuring it on my blog is the fact that from each of their disciplines and areas of research and scholarship they are presenting the absolute need for freedom of speech and expression in a world fast becoming polarized and degraded into black and white thinking, and an “us and them” paradigm, as opposed to a careful examination of both sides of issues and how we can progress forward instead of remaining stymied by, as one speaker argues, a script often “from the outside” that is part of an ideology that tends to shut down rational exploration of critical issues.

In this respect, the presentation is another aspect of the topic of freedom of speech I touched on in my post of 3/13/18, “When Words Become Crimes: a Novel Idea on the Hidden Danger of PC-Speak.”

As a Christian, I do not believe that when we examine other views (such as the adherence to the theory of evolution by some of the speakers, for example, woven into the dialogue) we need fear at all the larger conversation.

Rather, it can be an opportunity to examine our faith once again, in light of other “faith options,” you might say (including faith in ideologies) particularly with regard to freedom of choice. I find that this priceless, loving gift of God, this freedom, is only reinforced, not endangered. You might say that in this regard, this post is somewhat of a continuation of the previous one¬† prompted by the recent passing of Dr. Stephen Hawking.

Anyway, see what you think:



*Standard YouTube License.

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