For What It’s Worth: An Updated Birth Certificate? Consider…If You Dare

Phyllis Beveridge Nissila

For What It’s Worth Then–and Now

For me, the 1967 tune “For What It’s Worth”* has always defined the nineteen sixties, when I came of age–and became aware of certain social and political realities in the United States, my home country.

I, like tens of thousands of other young people, began realizing we were “not in Kansas–or Oregon, or New York, Or Upper Michigan–any more.” And we protested. But I find the tune particularly apropos now, too.

I tie together the state of protest then and now because along with the seeds of necessary social and political change planted back in that day, certain other seeds were planted that have not, many argue, born such good fruit.

Of course, the young (and anyone of any age who is aware and observant) of every decade and era are hard-wired to rebel. This is good–or bad. Depends on the issue. Depends on what age and/or wisdom at length reveal.

The young back then on college campuses, on the streets, and in political huddles, protested what many believed were unjust wars, unjust treatment of women and minorities, and other injustices.

And those who were “down with the cause,” as it was coined, weren’t anybody’s “snowflakes” a descriptor, unfortunately, that characterizes many protesters today (and/or is a good cover for what is really going on covertly).

Protesters back then risked imprisonment, fines up to $250,000 and/or self-imposed exile for draft-dodging. Some were bloodied, banned–and lynched–with the original Civil Rights fighters. Others were shot at Kent State.

Nobody back then felt sorry for themselves or demanded safe spaces. To the contrary, risking all the above and more, the young (and older) who protested injustices demanded space in the public square, in classrooms, and in the halls of Congress.

In short, sixties’ protesters were not likely to melt with every sour look or opposing opinion, and that is the kind of risk-taking that hardens resolve and accomplishes much, although later generations–and some aging protesters–may bask more in the romance than the reality of those times.

But there were also others on the streets who steeled their own kind of resolve.

However, there were  protesters of another kind then–as now–who band-wagoned with the historic causes, co-opting the language and the look–whether clad in counter-culture threads or slick suits and toothy smiles–to serve their own  agendas, their own brand of rebellion, and espousing ideologies arguably not so healthy for the nation.

Let the reader determine what those might be with his/her/their own research and discovery.

And such movements, whose members also weathered prison, fines, local and national push-back, continue still.

One might research such topics as “history of socialism and anarchy in the United States,” for example, or “history of Marxism in the U.S.,” for insight.

Many have observed how some such radicals (1) have Trojan-horsed their causes into popular culture since then, how they have normed their  transformational ideologies as best they can in order to fool as many people as they can.

But of course, you can’t fool all of the people all of the time…

The truth comes out, sooner or later, and a new crop of “rebels” bred of different times and ideologies, if not different generations, begin to scratch their heads and employ their research skills and expertise and this time, protest the co-opting protesters.

So what does all this have to do with birth certificates, one in particular?

For the thoughtful researcher who is not afraid to explore all sides of an issue before joining today’s bandwagons–on whatever side of the road they travel–the audio below treats just one example of an ideologically motivated attempted takeover, if you will, by some of the same 1960’s, anti-American radicals with a darker agenda who are still active (and new ones of like-mind), but far more subtle, an event that might well be integrally connected to other troubling issues.

Updated evidence in the “birth certificate controversy ” that allegedly proves that there is no former President Barack Obama, bona fide United States birth certificate–and what that means–may well  reveal a kind of golden thread binding the warp and woof of a larger conspiracy (fact or fiction, you decide) to take down the United States of America as we have known it via a well-orchestrated attempt to fundamentally transform this nation. And not, many argue, for the better.

And though key, the Obama birth certificate problem is just one of a number of problems that now seem to be tearing apart the Constitutional underpinnings of this nation and that have origins in the sixties in particular, ginned up in the middle of the fog of multi-pronged protests that exploded, figuratively and literally, on the scene, thus perhaps providing cover for the rebels of a darker bent.

This brand of protesters may well have realized they had a golden opportunity back then to infiltrate a populace ripe for influence–and for insurrection–no matter how long it might take.

But whatever the genesis of the state of the far-Left today, millions more are becoming aware.

Should you decide to listen and think about this controversy in light of the summary of evidence provided below (and a more extensive summary exists here), you might ask yourself, too, no matter your age or status, “Is it time to protest, again? Pressure Congress? Rally those of like mind and engage as we still can  to “petition our government for a redress of grievances“?

Only this time for very different reasons than back in the day–and perhaps even in opposition to a few of those with whom we (older folks) may have marched shoulder to shoulder then…

See what you think.

If you dare.

An Updated Birth Certificate?



(1) One such very influential radical on the political far-Left was Saul Alinsky. For his ideas on how to change norms and nation and seize power via both overt violence and covert manipulation  see his book  Rules for Radicals (1969).

But just now, his “side” is out of power, at least “surface power.”

And the far-Left seems to want it all back, however it can get it, many believe, whether Constitutionally or by dismissing/denigrating and/or outright destroying  the Constitution. Here is just one increasingly popular–and very clever–way to do just that. Quite covertly, though. Fools a lot of people.

Alinsky is one of those back then who likely seized a golden moment in our nation’s history to foment, fund, and further his cause, a national transformation of a darker kind via whatever means necessary. And he was very adept at co-opting the other protests.

Consider how he persuaded–and still persuades–many by aligning with the premier causes: “It hurt me to see the American army with drawn bayonets advancing on American boys and girls. But the answer I gave the young radicals seemed to me the only realistic one: ‘Do one of three things. One, go find a wailing wall and feel sorry for yourselves. Two, go psycho and start bombing—but this will only swing people to the right. Three, learn a lesson. Go home, organize, build power and at the next convention, you be the delegates.'”

He also tells how to covertly convince and commandeer the unsuspecting citizens: “Remember: once you organize people around something as commonly agreed upon as pollution (or, I would offer, racism, feminism, or global warming-PBN), then an organized people is on the move. From there it’s a short and natural step to political pollution, to Pentagon pollution.” -Alinsky, Rules.

One might be especially interested in Alinsky’s Machiavellian-esque slant on matters of revolution treated in his chapter, “Of Meansand Ends (sic)”.

Think none of this is happening today?…

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