On the Danger of Black and White Thinking and Hypocrisy in the Current PC* Culture

Phyllis Beveridge Nissila

I came across a talk by Professor  (emeritus–classics) Victor C. Hanson on the topic of the Left and equality, at least his view of it in the Left’s PC culture of today which, in my opinion, is a vastly different from the Left that existed when I was young and first voted.

He does not cite the term “black and white thinking” but I believe a good argument can be made that if one’s political view is essentially “believe this way or be damned,” as it were, with no variation tolerated, and there is a good illustration of this thinking in his presentation, it is not only a false dichotomy (only two ways) but also a dramatic reversal from the tenets of democracy that the United States manifests in the form of a democratic republic.

I believe this  bit of a side-step from my current series that focuses in large part on spiritual warfare complements the series as an illustration of the war waging in the mind as well as on the political stage just now. Dr. Hanson’s talk sheds some light on certain glaring hypocrisies becoming more and more apparent to those who reject black and white thinking and maintain the importance of critical thinking.

See what you think–if you dare (need I say more in the current, volatile political climate?).


*Politically Correct

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2 Responses to On the Danger of Black and White Thinking and Hypocrisy in the Current PC* Culture

  1. Carl Gordon says:

    Excellent! As soon as I’m finished with this comment, this is going on facebook page. Thank you.


    • pmcb says:

      Thank you…thank Dr. Hanson. Sadly, however, what with the addictive and mind-controlling power of “slide-by news” (140 characters or less) these days, I fear fewer and fewer people really take the time to listen to thoughtful analyses of current events and popular thought. We ignore this to our peril, however.

      We don’t live in a bubble; there is nothing new under the sun, as the verse goes. Both the evil and the good that have both destroyed and lifted up whole civilizations have similar geneses, from Genesis on. We needn’t re-invent the wheel–nor destroy it–if we take time to learn from history and carefully reflect on our own in progress and then apply the lessons.

      God help us.


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