On The State of Political Rage, Part 10: More Antidotes–the Schumann and Faith “Resonances”

Phyllis Beveridge Nissila

(We) postulate that: (1) we are complex electrodynamic, rather than merely chemical beings, sensitive to natural and artificial EM fields; (2) SR (Schumann Resonance) frequencies coincide with human brain waves, affecting subtle and gross brain-wave generation, regulating homoeostasis, healing and psi; (3) there is strong correlation between human behavioural disturbance and geomagnetic field turbulence or isolation from SR frequencies. (Miller, Iona, “Schumann Resonance“).

Finally, believers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable and worthy of respect, whatever is right and confirmed by God’s word, whatever is pure and wholesome, whatever is lovely and brings peace, whatever is admirable and of good repute; if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think continually on these things [center your mind on them, and implant them in your heart] (Philippians 4:8, AMP).


Call it woo, New Age, or the basis for an explanation of our meta physical selves (electrodynamic rather than merely chemical), the so-called Schumann Resonance is discussed a lot these days where information is surfacing about the ramifications of disturbing the “natural” frequencies of the earth–and its inhabitants*.

In short, you might say that Mother Earth and her children seem to operate, some claim, on a similar frequency, most often cited as around 7.8 Hz per second (give or take a solar storm, lunar event, or time of day). In this frequency, which is synchronized with our organic environment, as it were, we seem to be able to maintain optimum health and well being

But, as noted in the epigraph above, when at least one of  two things happen: 1) something disturbs the geomagnetic field (or “pollutes” it) thus alters the resonance, and/or 2) we are isolated from it, we don’t do so well. Of course, skeptics insist we are not electrodynamic at all nor affected by our physical environments like that.

But back to the postulate. Humans need to connect or reconnect with nature for more than just fresh air–we need it for physical and mental health as well. And as the article along with many other articles** (scholarly and mainstream) and studies also theorize, when the earth’s “heartbeat,” as the Schumann resonance is sometimes known, is disturbed, so are we.

According to Miller, “The nature of the applied stimulus (read: natural or man-made) makes it difficult to identify the responses directly, as they are most likely to occur in the form of stress-related conditions. They will therefore show up as drastic increases in mental disturbance, antisocial behaviour, psychosomatic conditions and neurological disturbances. Some electrical field phenomena have already been linked with abnormal cell growth and a decrease in immunocompetency.”

And we all know how much and how badly stress, especially  stress caused by unchecked anger, can damage health, critical thinking, relationships, and every other sphere of our lives–no matter if this postulate is correct or not.

But why do I bring this up in a commentary on antidotes for the state of political rage that seems to have become increasingly severe? I think there is a correlation between getting out of sync with our natural frequency/resonance by engaging in the escalating rage thus making ourselves more vulnerable to illness–and to suggestion–not to mention endangering the cohesiveness of our nation, culture, and communities. For there is strength in unity.

Specifically, my concern is that what were once peaceful protests are now seemingly hired-thug riots (see here, here, and here) where violence, intimidation, and vandalism not only overtake the demonstrations (whether one agrees with the purposes for protesting or loathes them) so that soon, due to having to dodge sticks, stones, torches, and now jars filled with human excrement,  everybody learns to stand down (more like run for cover).

Everybody on both sides of the issues, that is.

This is not good, not healthy, for any side of the political conversations (fast degrading into merely verbal-and-physical-abuse-fests).

We have to maintain our free speech rights or we expose ourselves to whomever shouts, vandalizes, blows-up, or murders the best–or the worst I should say.

Fear and panic soon over-ride civilized debate and reasoned resolution. Stress exacerbates the turmoil. Society divides a little bit more and the would-be conquerors plan their next move…

(Side note: but of course, the dividers-and-conquerors know this and take full advantage of any and all real or ginned up crises. It’s an old tactic found here, for one place oft cited in this era.)

Because emotions such as fear and terror are some of the most potent forms of thought–and reason–suppression, THIS is that we must resist lest the tyranny of violence overtakes critical thinking, silences all sides of the debate, and everyone loses.

(Well, except for those who know darn well what they are doing.)

And we must resist this kind of psychological operation because Americans for the most part are still willing to listen, debate civilly, and compromise where called for, if not change laws and policies altogether (and vote others into leadership positions) in order to maintain our shared values and ever-evolving culture. But by being so civil, we are often overtaken by the violence (which tends to erupt hard and fast) and that gives the violence-mongers precious time to gin up the next event.

(Side note: have you ever noticed how good seems to take a longer time to lay its foundations, plan its methods, and establish its boundaries while evil crashes in smashing, burning, and bloody-ing in mere minutes? There are those who well know the power of that, too.)

So what does all this have to do with human/Earth resonances, antidotes to political rage, and that other epigraph/verse about keeping one’s mind on peace and loveliness and excellence?


If there is such a thing as a “human frequency” that can synchronize with an “earth frequency” so that greater health, mental stability, and peace result all of which stimulate creativity and higher level thinking, and…

If there is indeed some kind of  self-serving “violence-mongering” going on by some kind of “deep state,” “shadow government” or global elite (let the reader  research and decide if all this is merely conspiracy theory or conspiracy fact), and…

If  there is a way to resist the destructive emotions so creative solutions and reasonable debate can continue to upgrade this nation, then we ought to access that before those who want another civil war win–and we all lose.

May I encourage the reader to consider the suggestions here: that 1) by maintaining our connection with our environment, fresh air, the outdoors (add to those music, art, literature, history, and spirituality) and 2) by keeping our mind and heart on the objective of peace–along with excellence, honor, and respect (as the verse advises)–we will be able to get off the rage-go-round, improve our health, and resist the destructive nature of today’s political battleground so that our nervous systems are calmed, our minds are freed, and our spirits can once again rise.

NOTE: Maybe there is a reason that Jesus left us with His gift of peace, as recorded here: Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid (John 14:27, NIV). Maybe His gift of peace is not merely a lovely sentiment, but perhaps in actuality it is really a mind, spirit, and body preservation mechanism in the face of what destruction rage and chaos can do which is, of course, what our real enemy is all about.

In short, if we resist the rage and re-sync with what is real and promotes physical–mental and spiritual–well-being, we can better prosper individually and as a nation. And we can better engage in the kind of resistance–and all of its challenges–that requires the best and most courageous attitudes and actions of which humans are capable.

It is never too late.

There are, I am convinced, an overwhelmingly greater number of Americans who want health, stability, and the resumption of more positive  ways to clean up the country and get on with life. And armed with greater health we will achieve more. Sooner. Without the violence, vandalism, and vitriol which only helps the chaos and violence mongers (and our real enemy) to divide and conquer.


* And with the potency of webbing the IOT into 5 G WIFI very soon, there will likely be a lot more of the “disturbances” people who come up with such technology (and their peers) worry about*.For a list of articles exploring the dangers of 5G, there are too many to choose from, here. I suggest doing a search engine query using the key words “dangers of 5G WIFI” or something similar.

**Here is a sampling of other articles and websites exploring this issue. See what you think:




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