On Those Who Help…Powerful Story

I was reminded  today of a story from the 1992 Olympic games that exemplifies the importance and the poignancy of people who come alongside and help us at just the right moments. Just wanted to share.

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2 Responses to On Those Who Help…Powerful Story

  1. I had a feeling which video you chose, having seen this before and almost didn’t watch it because of how hard it is to watch. But I did anyway and cried all over again. It touches everything – mind, body and soul.


    • pnissila says:

      Hi, Cindy.
      I know. I cry every time, too. And then I watch other videos usually linked alongside this one about people doing things for others that, in this age of so much hate and division and political rage, lift the spirit right back up and give one hope that most people are still good hearted and willing to help.

      I was also reminded of a story my brother-in-law wrote up a few years ago and gave me permission to post. For any readers who haven’t read it, here is the link:

      It’s a story about a woman who never found it in her to overcome a certain anger she held fast, a son who longed to at least have some closure with her in her last days but didn’t, and how he, too, was revived–by a small interaction with some needy travelers at a gas station.


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