Does Kathy Griffin’s Shock Pic Serve as a Warning?

Phyllis Beveridge Nissila

Undoubtedly, more Americans are now awake to the level of desperation and cruelty some on the far Left are capable of because they despise the current president and his administration. How? Because of the hatred expressed in the viral photograph of  comedian Kathy Griffin holding a fake decapitated head of Donald Trump in all its gory “glory”. But she apparently over-estimated even her devotees with this “humor,” particularly some of her most visible and loyal fans. 

However, though she may have taken her fandom’s tolerance for her unfiltered brand of satire too much for granted, Griffin did manage to also attract–and offend–many outside of the rarified air of the celebrity elite which is bad for her, but good, I believe, for America.

After all, a picture is worth a thousand words, as the saying goes, and her contribution to the current degraded state of the political debate leaves no doubt as to her message which is not a message most Americans, Left, Right, and Center, support. So bad choice for you, Kathy, but good reveal for anybody still bamboozled by the word-cons.

Granted, she may not, as she claims post-photo-op, espouse such violence. Or perhaps the entire event and subsequent “apology/victim tour” is just part of her act. But her exploit brings her far-Left message to a whole new and emotionally-inflaming level of intent, if just by visual suggestion.

Her image puts a literal face on the growing fury to assassinate the president, something some Americans may not yet have been very aware of before the publication of the shock pic.

Some might say “It’s just a picture!” but pictures incite riot, too–and in even less time than the purported average attention span of  eight seconds.

Others might say, “Hey, lighten up! It’s just a joke!” but there is humor that turns from funny to deadly.

And, of course, Griffin might have been a little too ambitious with her attention-seeking behavior. Even in the narcissistic world of celebritydom, it is still wise to employ filters.

Personally, I believe Griffin did see a career-enhancing opportunity in concocting the photo-op though she may have been a bit surprised over the unintended negative consequences. After all, in just a few days she has successfully amassed a considerable amount of global headline space, and, As Oscar Wilde noted, “The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.”

However, as noted in a classic commentary in the The Atlanta Constitution (1/1915), it is not just any publicity that makes people pay attention to you in the way you want, it must also be intelligent. 

Or, on the other hand, when it comes to doing whatever she has to to keep her career afloat, Ms. Griffin may simply be one who knows no shame.

Yet whereas Griffin may have thought her brand of satire would enhance her career with her base, she neglected to understand two important issues for the rest of the populace:

  • The far Left seems only to increase its level of vitriol when it comes to wanting to rid the world of the current President with a hatred worse, some say, than during any other presidency and her photo captures this feeling like no other mechanism, and
  • More people are coming to understand that there are those who believe that nobody should be allowed to govern who does not go along with their specific brand of ideology. Ever. Period.

That said, assassination is still what it is: murder. And assassination by sawing a person’s head off, as Griffin displays in her photo, is still one of the worst forms imaginable by both plunging the knife in and turning it, figuratively and literally.

Some might point out here, however, the historical need for some assassinations, for example, Hitler’s. But wisdom is needed in his arena, too, so that what some believe is a necessary evil, such as the eradication of the Hitlers of the world, isn’t really something else entirely, some other kind of conflagration ginned up by individuals both vile and violent shouting down critical thinking lest their real intent be exposed.

And in times like these, critical thinking is a particularly essential check and balance for the wiles of power-mongers, especially those who wield such hype and horror as Griffin’s shock ad portrays that are among the most potent psy-ops.

Reasoned thought is also essential just now for another, bigger reason. If we are not careful to discern the real the battlefield–in the mind and emotions–we are too easily swayed by what seems to be the scene of the crime as promoted by carefully crafted verbal–or visual–propaganda, consequently, the fire we fight with might burn us.

I think Kathy Griffin is learning this lesson. At least I hope so. But it does take courage and humility to admit one has been used.

But whatever direction the comedian’s career takes, I believe Griffin may well have, if inadvertently, contributed to a kind of mental, emotional, and psychological tipping point in the population at large by putting on graphic display an image of what may likely be the end game of the far Left.

It’s not as if the American public hasn’t  already heard enough of the ever-increasing hate-filled verbal salvos of that political camp on the same subject matter: eliminate Donald Trump (who happens to represent another political point of view at the moment). It’s just that, well, a picture… and so life-like…and so similar to the horrible atrocities bloodying the world stage just now, first one country then the next…

So to my question: Did the comedian (unintentionally) sound a warning bell by publishing a picture exposing the full-on intent of the far Left who have been ramping up the heat and hate riot by riot, threat by threat, for several years, now, against any who oppose their ideology?

In a way, I think she did because she starkly exposed what is no longer much of a secret–the desire to destroy the sitting President. For if her “side” shatters civil discourse with this kind of potent weapon while also treading a very thin layer between free speech and criminal activity, what’s next?

As a Christian, I think her questionable behavior also reveals a much bigger operation.

In my view, here is more evidence that what we face is not just one enemy on one side of one political party or one election, but a much bigger enemy whose name is Abaddon and whose appetite for destruction knows no allegiance–Left, Right, or Center.

This ancient enemy’s only allegiance is to his own Big Lies and to destroying that which stands in his way of complete control, namely, anything or any person who exposes the dark, as in hidden, machinations of some shadow government with dark intent. Whoever does his bidding, no matter which “side” of the political spectrum they are on, will do. Until he is done with them, too.

The thing is, however, “there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed” (Luke 8:17).

Griffin, an avowed Leftist, unwittingly revealed, via her murder-signaling image, that we haven’t seen the worst, yet, of those bent on Abaddon’s game–politics be damned (although still very useful)  in his quest for total control. His “politics” center only on the annihilation of those who resist him.

Given the unprecedented level of hate spilling out in print, in protests, and in increasingly violent antics such as Griffin’s, I think our real enemy might be gaining an upper hand these days via the far Left though likely unbeknownst to many of them. For now.

I pray that wisdom, reason, and calmer heads prevail, while at the same time I welcome into the ranks those who are just now getting it that the political hatred running amok is showing its true color: blood-red–both figuratively as well as, increasingly, literally. Worldwide. And this is no joke.

Now we have to ask ourselves how much further this war will it be allowed to go? Depends on the willingness of all to resist the tyranny of psy ops and bloody photographs and screaming memes that stop thinking and grab emotions that set afire everyone caught up in the real conflagration, the ultimate “crisis” that plays into the hand of the destroyer of destroyers whose end game is: everybody but him loses.

But there is some good news here, too, for those who look to a higher wisdom.

Whatever happens next, believers will know, and forewarned is forearmed. As my sister often says, “Satan always overplays his hand*,” so those on the lookout will figure it out and, according to their gifts and callings, warn others, if others will hear or can hear. While there is still time.

Kathy Griffin may have done her cause a disservice, but by displaying her horror-porn she may have actually strengthened the side of civility, critical thinking, and decency. And I also believe her “mistake” can serve as a warning, if we let it–to give a heads-up to the real resistance fighters about what the real destroyer is up to (see above). In this way, what she meant for bad, can also be used for good.

Now, more than ever, vigilance and critical thinking are the calls to action on all fronts worldwide: political, social, mental, emotional, and spiritual. For the battle is not really “them versus us,” but the ancient destroyer versus all. Put another way, “Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour” (1 Peter 5:8).

Carry on.


*To put the Luke 8:17 passage another way.

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