On the Hive Mind, TFY, 3D AI, and the Mind of Christ

Phyllis  Beveridge Nissila

Before my niece, who is a very thoughtful young woman, entered her freshman year in college, I seized a moment at a family gathering to offer her a piece of advice I had been saving for her.

Not that she needed it, having been thoughtfully raised by my sister. But because I, too, frequent the halls of higher learning–as an instructor–I wanted her to have just one more bit of survival gear to take to campus should she ever find herself feeling nudged toward some hive-mind of thinking about which she might have some misgivings.

So I told her, simply, “Think for Yourself–TFY.”

(For, just between you and me, although at eighteen we  feel we are fully formed, a little later in life we understand that peer pressure does not end with high school, nor does the exploitation of the young by the old for the social and political causes of the day. And many college students are ripe for a cause while being away from the guiding influence of home and hearth for the first time. Some causes are good, of course, but many, not so good.)

My lovely niece smiled her “thank you” and has gone on, to date, to fend her way with grace and intelligence, neither cowering with the so-called Snowflakes nor rioting with the  so-called SJWs. And for the record, from my vantage point on campus, both sub-groups combined represent a small minority.

Most college students I see and teach, including international students, are simply getting more education to get ahead in life. The Snowflakes and the Social Justice Warriors just tend to finagle the focus of the five o’clock news (film at eleven).

The same was true in the helter-skelter  hey-day of the late nineteen-sixties when I began my own college career–although resisters then were known as hippie freaks and other names not for print.

Though I supported a few of the causes by writing and, soon, voting, I often wondered,  as I dodged the bombs and the bombastics, “How can they  (the perennial protesters) skip so many classes and still pass?”  But I was a poor kid on scholarships so I had to keep up my grades–and there wasn’t anybody paying rebels to cause a ruckus back then.

Yet in a very important sense, rising up for the cause du jour by getting down with the struggle today is a whole new ball game, for the struggle just now seems right from Bible prophecy, you know, the part where there is a one-world ruler, government, and religious system brooking no opposition. And intensified mental and spiritual wisdom and guidance are required. Thinking for oneself and taking on the mind of Christ are, more than ever, essential survival skills.



It used to be that one had to be in school to  come across the philosophies and the agendas of world domination in the pages of works such as Mein Kampf, Rules for Radicals, and The Communist Manifesto, among other books and papers that in each their own way foment rebellion of some sort toward the end goal of a New World Order*  such as described in the Bible.  But the movement has surfaced everywhere today, it seems.

Although, of course, such a totalitarian system is not presented in those kind of words; rather, it is re-packaged in good sounding  words such as “egalitarianism,” “humanism,” and “multi-culturalism” and the like. Words carefully crafted to appeal to idealists, youth and, of course, people who are in genuine need but who also have not studied the likely outcome of such philosophies when played out in the real world.

We have, however, the history of how things worked out (very badly) in nations where such writings appealed to the power-mongering elite who either translated them for,  or forced them on (by either bluffing or beating down), the populace while truth was censored. I refer to places such as the old Soviet Union, Communist China, Cuba, and many other nations. If such (real) histories are taught anymore, that is.

Now, however, one does not have to be in a college class taught by a modern radical to be exposed to all manner of influences such as those noted above, due to the Internet where a search-engine and time are the only tools required to inspire–or incite–one’s mind. And the mind is where the action begins.

Not only that, in the world of Artificial Intelligence  (AI) there is a much more potent source of mind-altering energy brewing to bring the powerful even closer to their goal of domination, moving the old-fashioned and time-taking task of  education–re-education, that is–to the museum of population control artifacts. And what with more and more people logging onto the Internet every minute of every day, there are all kinds of inspiring and inciting moments available…worldwide…

And AI has just become a lot smarter.

The new brand of AI utilizes 3D computational power versus the older 2D (much more limited) power.** (Interestingly,   D-Wave Systems Inc has recently sold versions of this new kind of computer to  Google, NASA, and Bezos Expeditions, among others. D-Wave Inc is also tied in with CERN, the world’s largest particle physics laboratory located in Switzerland, and the home of the Large Hadron Collider [LHC]).

The new AI, Super AI, as it were,  will think virtually like the human brain, taking in multiple data points at once with greater speed, “sampling” the information like humans do when we take in everything we see, hear, taste, touch, and/or smell into consideration, and then, like us, Super AI will weigh all possible meanings and solutions instead of just moving from point A to a single solution at point B (as in 2D computing).

Super AI, like us, will also be able to quickly figure out what to do with the new-found information, perhaps several things to do with it. In so doing, the new computer can, then, in a quantum leap (literally and figuratively) arrive at the place where for the first time it can teach itself instead of being dependent on human programmers and analysts. At least once it’s plugged in…and it avoids rodents who like some wire for lunch

Even more from the realm of Sci-fi–but real–Super AI will be able to predict. Or it thinks it will be predicting…according to analyses of available data points…which is as close to human consciousness as it will ever be able to be…


Many are worried that our attention to the morality and ethics of letting machine brains loose on the population for the good (the bad and the ugly) is seriously lacking.

Others are worried that what with the power of electronic gadgetry to control us already (and cause addiction, think of the allure–and the lure–of Pokemon) we are ever more at risk of being swept up into what “they,” the “AI they” that is, will deduce about us–and direct us to do (see linked radio program, below, featuring researcher and author Anthony Patch and talk show host Kev Baker on Truth Frequency Radio for a good discussion on this and related topics).

Furthermore, prophecy scholars alert us to what might very well be precursor technology–if not THE technology–that will enable world domination by a one-world controller of sorts, be he a human sold out on evil,  a human/demon hybrid, or perhaps, a human/machine hybrid (or a machine that deduces it is human…it could get complicated…).

In other words, without some kind of ethical and moral checks and  balances imposed on Super Computer Smarty Pants, it might gather enough data to lead it to its own conclusion that it is better than mere humans, thus, well, it might “think” it’s a god. THE God, even. I mean, lesser (mortals) with far fewer data points often think that…

And THEN what?

Well, if something Elon Musk recently talked about, to wit, that he is in the process of “creating devices that can be implanted in the human brain, with the eventual purpose of helping human beings merge with software and keep pace with advancements in artificial intelligence…(that) could improve memory or allow for more direct interfacing with computing devices” is true, and, my thoughts here, if these devices are mandated by some kind of totalitarian world leader who has succeeded in suppressing truth and demanding everybody become part of the Internet of  Everything via their brains, well, it doesn’t take much imagination to see where this could lead.

If it’s all true, will we even know how we know what we know if we become “One with Super AI”?

But we won’t have to obey it, right?

What about free will?

Take your imagination one more step.

IF Super AI Smarty Pants has “learned” that this one over here responds to the voice of Buddha, that one over there to Allah, and that one over there to Jesus (or a presumed Jesus–see below for how the real God has put a fail safe device in true believers via the real Jesus through the Holy Spirit in order to circumvent computer–or any other–posers), and IF the mighty metal mind has collected the data on said spiritual leaders and the spiritual seekers are also connected via Musk’s new invention, then the “voice of guidance”  they “hear” in their head might actually be AI 2.0 which will  by then have the power to fool humans into thinking they’ve heard from their God or god and they will be putty in AI’s digital digits.

Think something like this can’t be done already? Read here.

And so much for free will.

I know. Kinda scary (cue Twilight Zone theme) .

So what does all this geek talk have to do with my niece, hive minds, campus rabble-rousers, totalitarian philosophies, and YOU and ME?


Of course there will always be those who will buck the system, the group-think, the philosophies, and/or the totalitarians.

My niece, I assure my sister, will be one of those; she will survive the scene. She will identify the thought-conformists, the mind-controllers, and the hive mind for what they are and what it is and she will continue to think for herself, as millions do, or eventually do, when critical thinking kicks in. And despite all the press the Marxist/Socialist/Communist faculty on campuses get these days, plenty of us still teach critical thinking in those same colleges, quietly and carefully planning our lessons. Some of us also quietly pray for our campuses, our students, and even our M/S/C colleagues.

Campus rabble-rousers, hopefully, will soon think beyond the politically-correct memes and the tyranny of the urgent and, if they have been hired, to the meager paycheck (likely without benefits) to the rest of their lives, and they will get back to class and sanity and work things out with more civility and reason. Of course, a few higher up on the pay scale will decide to make a living off of rabble-rousing.

The totalitarian philosophies will always be with us, however, even as heartless control-mongers have always roamed the halls of power and everywhere else seeking whom they may devour…

But there is another “mind” on which we can rely: the mind of Christ.

Besides “natural smarts,” we have access to “supernatural smarts,” as well. Those who yield to the power of the Holy Spirit gifted us at our re-birth as “new creatures in Christ Jesus,” i.e., born again Christians, that is. Here is how to access those smarts which enable the “fail safe” device noted above to keep us out of AI’s reach.

Consider the following data points on this  intelligence, this mind, this wisdom: For God did not give us a spirit of timidity or cowardice or fear, but [He has given us a spirit] of power and of love and of sound judgment and personal discipline [abilities that result in a calm, well-balanced mind and self-control] (2 Timothy 1:7, Amplified Bible).

Okay, but what with the prospective takeover over of our every thought by the unbeLIEVably powerful new and vastly-improved Super AI wielded by the likes of  an anti-Christ who will be given all kinds of power over the entire globe, of what real comfort is THAT verse? How does one get beyond the ANXIETY?

If coupled with this verse “Greater is He in us than he who is in the world,” there is hope that as smart as AI 2.0 is, there is One smarter. And He abides in us. And He knows the end from the beginning. And He has the power to override not only His creation, but our creations as well.

And best of all, He is is always available to those who seek Him  for comfort and for guidance.

If you haven’t yet sought Him yet, today would be good.


*And a good, hearty, chaotic rebellion is key to the establishment of such a New Order. As the late David Rockefeller put it, “All we need is the right crisis, and the nations will accept the New World Order.”

**Below, is an excellent discussion about  the new computers that transcend 2D models by using a 3D approach based on the Boltzmann Machine (quantum level) that enables computers to not only compute extraordinarily faster but also to analyze many data bits at once in more of a holistic manner, similar to the workings of the human brain, while also limiting errors as much as possible:


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4 Responses to On the Hive Mind, TFY, 3D AI, and the Mind of Christ

  1. forrealone says:

    Very interesting post of truth in these “trying” days. Just found your blog!


  2. dgb97@comcast.net says:


    Excellent piece that warns about the severe-to-fatal possible results of surrendering critical thinking to “perfect-thinking” surrogate technologies. Dependence on AI for moral decisions has no good end, but does provide a convenient palliative for the troubled conscience – “the machine made the recommendation, and it, not me (or us), simply followed foolproof intelligence.”

    I am less concerned about the development of artificial intelligence than the proliferation of real stupidity.


    • pnissila says:

      Thank you, Greg, your comments mean a lot.

      And, as Patrick Wood has done such an excellent job of explaining in his many-year quest to inform us all of the coming technocracy, it’s even worse for us–though better for the perpetrators–in that, who ya gonna blame but “smart” this and “quantum” that, as actual accountable people will have long since been removed from the circle of blame? And there is, of course, the beginning of talk here and there about AI rights, and so on…

      In a day or two I have a close follow-up piece on AI 3D and what a very clever quantum “Trojan Horse” it might be as the real Evil Entity will surely desire to use it to not only control minds but the “minds” will hardly know they will be taken over considering the advance–and projected power–of 5G technology currently webbing its way around the world…But the real focus of my next post has to do with the “life” Satan really wants but can’t get his hands on that comes from God, not AI. Stay tuned. 🙂


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