On the State of Political Rage, Part 2: Mind Control a Factor–Then and Now?

Phyllis Beveridge Nissila


In my previous post I touched on the growing concerns many people have about the state of intense rage demonstrated just now by some who are opposed to the recent election in the United States.

But there is also a seeming unprecedented level of rage being exhibited by protesters of all political stripes and ideologies for their various causes, globally.

Severe anger on both the political left and right, the far-left and far-right each in their own political milieux seems to be growing at a disturbing rate–and level of destruction–for all, if humanity doesn’t acknowledge it and come back to civility.

Many of us are stunned by the seeming lack of common sense and logic involved in this new age of rage* (which is certainly the antithesis of any evolutionary model of “improvement” for those who adhere to that theory).

We watch, mouths agape as, daily, good is spun as evil and evil as good while lawful and peaceful protests are left in the dust (more like left in the blood, vandalism, and hatred) of naked violence.

Many also suspect that while we are tempted to enter the reactive fray by our own untempered anger at this dark turn of global emotion, somebody somewhere is taking advantage of the emotions (which they know block critical thinking) to push perhaps an even darker agenda: world control.

People like me encouraging calm and caution, critical thinking and compassion, seem like old-fashioned school marms (well, I am somewhat old-fashioned, I guess, and I am a school…teacher) who don’t seem to sense the urgency to do something. Anything!

Debate be damned!

Get down with the cause, Baby (whether good, bad, or ugly, the nature of which becomes blurred in the chaos)!

Memes like “What do we want? (fill in the blank). When do we want it? NOW” echo back and forth in the dark tinged with flames and fury and another attempt to insert reason bites the dust.

People cry out for a one-world leader to just STOP the madness! Bring peace! Save lives!**

This response is compelling, too, considering how it is easy to corral human beings by manipulating the survival mechanism that due to perceived threat to our very existence can quickly override higher levels of analysis as we run, hither and yon, searching for safety–emotional, mental, and spiritual–while the drums of war pound louder and fear looms larger.

Prophecy scholars who believe we are fast closing in on the end of this age of history, calmly yet urgently point to the inevitability of a world governance system as referenced in several books of the Bible, but they are often looked upon as conspiracy theorists and/or crackpots. Indeed, the average mortal thinks, there seems no time to study such things as the archetypal–and very real–war of evil versus good while the fast-spreading global mayhem needs our focused attention. NOW.

Okay. Breath. There’s hope–and, I believe, an antidote to calm the fear and enable us to unshackle from the rage while continuing the citizen’s task of reasoned debate and prudent action.

First, though, to what I consider as another factor, far more insidious, ginning up the rage; one I think we should keep in mind.


Although many political, and plain old human nature reasons can help us understand the current rage (and help diffuse fear), I think there is one cause that might be at play to one degree or another.

See what you think.

Waaaaaaaaaaay back in the late 1960s when I started my college years, there was a similar brand of rage forcing its way into and alongside the normal tendency for young people to protest this and that in need of change or just in need of a bit more maturity to comprehend.

This level of anger went way beyond normal (and part of the developmental stage) coming-of-age angst.

Although I aligned with several of the causes etched on the protest signs back then, I also experienced the same sort of response to the level of anger as I do, today.

In the midst of Martin Luther King Jr.’s call to peaceful protests, in the midst of the Kennedy brothers’ political solutions to unjust war and the Federal Reserve, and after the reasoned warnings by President Eisenhower of the previous decade about the dangers of the “military industrial complex” (and three of the four of them were assassinated for going against the flow), even at the tender age of 18, I recognized something was out of balance.

I didn’t think then and don’t think now it can adequately be explained by the natural tendency of young people coming of age to rebel against their parents or what they regard as out-of-date values and mores.

Young people are also intelligent and capable of reason, logic, and common sense. And many of their protests have merit and result in change for the better.

There was just something else, something extra, something almost lethal in the intensity of the anger. And rebellion over many other aspects of life seemed on steroids…

Thinking about it now in light of today’s protests, I think that something extra may have been some influence of “mind control coming of age,” if you will, in the seemingly sudden, violent, triggered actions and reactions of many of those same young people.

Why that age group in particular? Why the sixties?

Tracking the history of mind control, cited in the article linked above, as well as innumerable other books, articles, and historical documents, some of those 1960s, college-age youngsters may have been groomed long-prior as “mini Manchurian candidates,” if you will, by methods being perfected in this country since the early 1950s (you do the math).

Those methods utilized on many very young children*** worked exceedingly well, as chronicled by some who have come out of the control, and perhaps continued to work well on them as they came of age in the next decade of such unprecedented and chaotic protests that (incidentally?) served those who wanted to upend the traditional values of this nation by forcing the issues via violence…

And the thing about mind control at that lethal level is that unless the controlled one wants to “come out of it,” indeed, even knows they are mind controlled (think of testimonies where the accused “doesn’t remember anything”) they are ever after triggered to “perform” what it is their “handler” demands of them.

But of course we are inclined (caused/conditioned?) to think that a defense such as “I don’t remember” is just a con to get out of a guilty verdict, or to get a reduction of a sentence, not that it could be reality…unless one remembers that many traumatic events (think of car accidents) cause a kind of “trauma amnesia” in the victim.

Though my hypothesis might seem too controversial for some, too silly for others, or too conspiracy theoristic, if there is any merit, as a nation and a global community, I believe we do well to consider this.

Think of all of the debate about certain killers even in recent times who were said to have been “mind controlled” (do a search Online for “mind controlled killers” for another list of innumerable references).

Think of your OWN reaction to the over-the-top responses to some elections, social causes, cultural mores, here and abroad.

Seem to be off the charts?

Trust your gut on that one, particularly, after you have perused some of the many references to the subtle, deadly, and insidious mechanisms of mind control. (You might start with what advertisers know.)

Therefore, I think there might be forces at work on minds and hearts in this era that are influences by far more lethal mechanisms than the average person can comprehend let alone overcome.

Again, we do well to keep this in mind.


Once again, as I do, I reference my truth go-to source: the ancient texts that also address contemporary phenomena–the Scriptures.

When researching for this post, I searched Online for “Scripture verses to think about regarding mind control”.

I highlight here one reference in particular I believe most insightful as we face this insidious and powerful opponent:

But the Spirit explicitly says that in later times some will [a]fall away from the faith, paying attention to deceitful spirits and doctrines of demons, by means of the hypocrisy of liars seared in their own conscience as with a branding iron, (1 Timothy 4:1-2)

Would the mind-controlled be particularly susceptible to deceitful spirits, demons, and hypocrisy after having been conditioned by so-called psychological operators who would have their victims (and young victims who are more easily controlled) “programmed” by various implanted triggers to do the bidding of the enemy? Or simply the bidding of the controller?

I think, yes.

Just think of the “benign” kind of mind control at circus events where hypnotists can very easily hypnotize whole audiences (at least most of the audiences, there are always a few…not deceived…even if it’s all “for fun”).

Also, I also believe this helps explain in part, the seeming irrational amount of rage that stops any possibility of reasonable debate (for we NEED to debate flawed humans and human governmental systems) but also gins up levels of violence that just seem odd–and did back in the sixties, too.

So what can we do about THAT?!

Getting back to my go-to source. Here is my favorite verse, though a search for “Bible verses to avoid and overcome mind control” yields numerous results:

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind (2 Timothy 1:7).

But what does that mean?

Fear” as in cowardice and timidity.

Power,” as in ability, power, and strength.

Love” as in love, benevolence, and good will, and…

Sound mind,” as in prudence, sound reasoning, and self-control.

How does it help?

For starters, it allows us a moment to breathe, take a step back from the compelling and enraging fray, and employ the elements of critical thinking while avoiding the forcefulness of the tyranny of the urgent–even the powerful mechanisms of mind control both benign and malignant.

Perhaps this verse, along with numerous others on what lurks beneath the surface to confuse, frustrate, deceive, and enrage humanity, is the best antidote as, if you track prophecy, the real evil we face will only intensify.

And divide us.

And conquer us.

And there is PLENTY more assurance, information, and “weaponry” from the same source to help one fight against the very real possibility of supernatural elements that could well be (so believers acknowledge) at the bottom of the best and worst weapons mankind can conjure whether they are aimed at conscious, sub-conscious, mental, emotional psychological and/or physical targets.

Check it out.

I’d start with Proverbs.

A few verses a day will help “arm you” with vital information.

And help all of us access the strength, goodwill, sound reasoning and self-control that is the only lasting power that can conquer the evil we now face.

Because whether one is spiritual or secular, all of us are subject to the powerful control-by-emotion, whether a concerted effort such as the official mind control mechanisms of the past (or the present) or the natural controls emotions have on us (both benign and malignant), we cannot abandon critical thinking which is often the first thing to go by the wayside in such situations.


Because it is much easier to round up the minds and hearts of men, women and children who are scared or coerced into submission.

And who are divided.


For the entire series, click here.

**For several views about the cry for a one-world government and leader, consider the following. WARNING: not for those easily offended by information that may challenge their views.





***Due to the freedom of the press (still), the Internet, the FOIA, and personal testimonies of former victims of mind control, one can easily find innumerable links to information on why and how mind control works best when very young children are “recruited” by searching with the key words, “why mind control works best on small children.” WARNING: the ways and means of “grooming” little ones to be used for black operations later on are often exceedingly cruel and vicious. Read at your own risk.

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