On the Undermining of the Constitution via “Reflexive Law” (part 2): Antidote Trey Gowdy

Phyllis Beveridge Nissila

Here’s part 1, for an explanation of so-called “reflexive law” (conjured up about thirty years ago) and some background concerning how this morphing of the very idea of  law and order can seriously undermine the classic meanings and intents of the Constitution of the United States of America, aka, the “supreme law of the land”.

For this post on the topic I offer a view of the hope we may yet have to combat the reflexive law movement which is set on the ever-shifting sands of situational ethics, morals, philosophies, and societal norms ever up for grabs by those who would shape our nation into something other than a Representative Republic and others who want to get away with, well, in some cases, literal murder and know they can do so in this new-think concerning the law. Evil never sleeps.

However, with commitment and skill at critical thinking, we still have hope.

This post offers an example of one aspect of the kind of commitment, dedication, and intelligence it takes to combat the forces-du-jour that would undermine and replace our form of government instead of just continuing to improve it. I provide, here, the case in point: a video compilation of the tireless and brilliant efforts of Representative Trey Gowdy (R-SC) who time after time counters the obfuscations, lies, word-smithing, and truth-obscuring that frustrate so many citizens who watch and listen to artful dodgers of the body politic “answer” direct questions of congressional investigative teams with games and tricks, and “I can’t remembers.” Occasionally, in a tight spot, they plead the 5th Amendment as well. Most listeners understand the games and tricks, but outside of the ballot box (when it is not defrauded, that is) we have little power. That’s why when unsung heroes such as Representative Gowdy come along, we see glimmers of hope.

I have long admired Gowdy for his laser-like critical thinking, dogged pursuance of the truth, and brilliant legal mind. I have long admired how the unvarnished truth in the hands of a skilled investigator such as Gowdy leaves no doubt as to who and what is really behind the curtain…

I have linked to the compilation of some examples of how this true servant of the people has handled some of the most important and critical investigations of recent concern in this nation. The video is covered by “Standard You Tube licensing,” so if it is removed, a simple search engine hunt using key words “Trey Gowdy investigations YouTube” will net the reader innumerable, similar videos.*

When the sad state of America’s political scene gets you down, it helps to know at least one representative of the people is doing his job. Well. I suspect more of his kind may rise up, too, in a new era in this country post-election. But, lest a worse governmental system follow, it behooves us to continue our own diligence, however humble, how we may–while we may.



*Post Script: if needed, here is a link to a page where other videos are available:


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