MAGA? Or MADA–Make Americans DILIGENT Again

Phyllis Beveridge Nissila

So today, the news (alt-right, alt-left, alt-in-between; “real” and/or “fake”) is that President-elect Donald Trump is the Anti-Christ.

No matter if he doesn’t match up with several key elements of the famed bad guy of the Book of Revelation.

Yesterday, he was Hitler.

The day before, another despot altogether…it’s hard to keep track.

What lingers on the periphery of my own concern since Trump’s name appeared on the list of Republican front-runners is that perhaps he really represents the antithesis element of a political Hegelian dialectic with Clinton being the thesis. A thesis, however, with a very long and very bad rap sheet trailing behind her, thus they had to come up with a “selected someone” who could fool enough people for long enough to at least get him elected.

But that’s my cynical side.

What I DO know for sure is that we have who we have to work with, now, whatever his real (human) nature is, barring what may yet happen by the electoral count on the 19th.

But in a way, all this criticism, though some of it is quite comical in its outlandishness, is good. Between the hype and hyperbole, it gives a believer specifics to pray about–or pray against; to intercede for–or against.

So, bring it.

And when you sync up this election with all of the other signs and signals of the prophetic days in which we live–no matter who is in office or will be in office–it prompts a believer To. Stay. Awake.

If God has indeed given the United States a temporary reprieve from judgement via the election of Donald Trump, as some believe, if we fail our due diligence to do our part in restoring what has gone bad, there is no guarantee how long the “stay” will last until the rest of the Book of Revelation manifests.

As in the days of Nehemiah’s restoration project, we need to keep at it with a trowel in one hand and a sword in the other, so to speak; keep working on the repair of this nation while wielding what “weapons” we have in the other hand to ward off what enemies approach and encroach.

We live in a new paradigm, uncharted waters where it is very likely that, as the old cartographers used to scribe, “here there be dragons.”

Make America great again?

Make ourselves diligent again.

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