Prophecy Patterns, Part 5 of 8: “Three then Four” Scriptural Model

Phyllis Beveridge Nissila

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Introduction to the entire series.

Introduction, Part 5

As my sister and researcher Claire Gumbs studied yet another prophecy pattern, the pattern of “three then four,” she discovered the model repeated in many aspects of the Word of God. In this tri-fold, she features an outline of four primary examples (with references to several more):

  • In creation
  • In dreams
  • In prophecy
  • In time

For a preview of one example, the model found in time–and a “time” that features this exact year of 2016–here is a peek inside the tri-fold:

In Time:
A fourth “time” in “appointed times”:
From Creation there have so far been three 1900-year series’, of one hundred, 19-year Metonic cycles.
Throughout time, the 19th year of the Metonic cycle and the 1900th year have coincided only four times, each time on pivotal points of history.
Most recently the 19th year and the 1900th year coincided at *5700/1940, the end of the third series, and simultaneously the year to start counting the next Metonic cycle in this fourth series.
5776/2016 is the end of the Fourth Metonic cycle in this Fourth series.
What is God about to do that He has been declaring?
What is God about to do that He has been showing?
These cycles are repeated and completed in 2016, clearly demonstrating the ‘3 then 4 model’.
So what is God about to shortly bring to pass?

Tri-fold 5, click: Model of Three then Four

part 5





* * *
*Dates shown are Hebrew/Gentile.


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