Prophecy Pattern 4 Addendum: HOLY SPIRIT vs PSY OPS


Addendum to part 4

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Phyllis Beveridge Nissila

Coincidentally (?), after completing the previous introduction to my sister and researcher Claire Gumbs’ set of 7 Prophecy Pattern Tri-folds, the one on the Scriptural underpinnings and the NEED for the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, the two of us just happened to come across several updates on the latest at CERN, the particle collider housed near Geneva, Switzerland, described officially here and discussed, multi-part, here regarding its connection (real and theorized) with AI (artificial intelligence via computers), the SWS (Sentient World Simulator), the Mandela Effect, the Monte Carlo psy op (and many other psychological operations), and numerous additional effects* and systems that, in short, may well lead to programmers’ (human and AI) ability to:

  • gather the computing power of billions of human brains in a
  • simulation of AI that will be able to
  • “mine” minds and behaviors, in order to
  • predict,
  • control, and
  • ultimately profit (as in $) from
  • all that mental and behavioral capital (as in US)–
  • that is, capital left after the planet and the population has been terraformed, as it were, to
  • accommodate two classes of humans remaining: the powerful and those who serve them.
  • At least, that’s what some scientists say and about which they posit proof.

WARNING: skeptics and cynics may wish to get off the ride here. It gets bumpy. Or, you can do your own research. HOWEVER, be forewarned it gets to sounding more and more like all the purported predictive programming via media such as the Twilight Zone, The Matrix, Minority Report, and I would add, I Am Legend

But of course for more and more people in this day of nearly unlimited access to the details of white papers and black ops via this amazing invention called the Internet (enter, however, at your own risk and vetting powers), a lot of this data is already known.

But is it believed…is another matter altogether…as the normalcy bias maintains a firm grip on many minds…

SO, how can we possibly escape all this high power high-tech? More importantly, IS THERE AN ANTIDOTE to the slow burn, or Bourne (as in Jason), you might say, of  OUR very identities and, more importantly, our free will? 

And, quick! What’s the tie-in with the 4th prophecy pattern tri-fold on the Baptism of the Holy Spirit? 



And consider:

  • IFgreater is He (the Spirit of Jesus Christ imparted at salvation and via the Baptism of the Holy Spirit re specific gifts and ministries) than he (the “Black Operator of black operators”) who is in the world,” and
  • IF we are encouraged to “pray at all times in the spirit” (including praying in “tongues“), and
  • IFwhere the spirit of the Lord is there is liberty“…
  • AND even as the power of billions of human brains and behaviors is apparently enough, now, to strategically locate, infiltrate, and “augment” human behavior via sentient (albeit artificially sentient) machines, IF all of this is so, then as alive as robot “Number Five” might seem, it is still impossible for anyone but God to know “where the Spirit blows.” In short: the same One Who has bested the best we can think up, design, cobble together and plug in, wins. Even as sophisticated as the man-made tracking devices are and can be, God still knows all the “hiding places.” And He can lead, guide, and inspire us with the directions until we arrive, safely, home. Check the back of the Book.
  • IF, that is, we are “plugged in,” as it were, to Him.
  • How?–Check this out, too.

Well, and, as my sister Claire often notes, there’s always this to keep in mind: when one is tempted to assign too much power to nuts and bolts and bits and bytes, there’s always those pesky little four-legged critters (or big two-legged critters) that frequently mess with machines; chew and gnaw and pull plugs out of outlets and insert the wrong wires and miscalculate the number of qbits and transpose a digit or two–despite the best-laid plans of, well, mice and men, AI or not…

Be encouraged, readers.

It’s still true: “My yoke is easy and my burden is light” (Jesus, Matthew 11:30).

So, why this addendum?

So that for you (and me) the power of prayer takes on a whole new meaning. 

In season and out, day and night, and especially, whenever all the high IQs with the high-tech AIs try to convince us that resistance is futile.

You see, OUR God hasn’t left the house.

I think of it this way: If “God inhabits the praises of His people,” well, where God is, Satan–and his minions both real and artificial–usually are not.


*I am not a scientist, rather a researcher and observer myself. Here are two previous contributions to the discussion from my own “perch”.

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  1. Yvonne Meek says:

    wow … right with ya!


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