Prophecy Patterns, Part 1 of 8: 1,948 Years, 70 Years, and 14 Generations

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Phyllis Beveridge Nissila

Introduction to the Series

My sister Claire Gumbs is a researcher and illustrator with a keen eye for patterns in history and in prophecy.

Since the beginning of 2010 Claire has been impressed to develop a series of 8 prophecy-related teaching tools designed as tri-folds for easy and free reference by other researchers, teachers, pastors, evangelists, and believers who sense, as we do, that Jesus Christ is very soon coming for His Bride. She cites the following verse as her “marching orders”:

(And) the Lord answered me and said: ‘Write the vision, and make it plain on tables, that he may run who reads it…” Habakkuk 2:2.

Perhaps it is you who will “run with it”?

Simply click on each tri-fold, download and fold. Copy them back to back if you prefer, or present them as two pages.

I have featured Claire’s first seven tri-folds previously on this blog as individual posts (and they are linked on their own “page,” “Free Downloads: Prophecy Tri-folds and Text Tracts”), but now that the seventh is completed, both she and I sense a particular urgency to gather them together in this format and to add introductions.

We believe the timing and the time is right–and necessary. We believe that you, too, will sense how many of the prophetic elements Claire has discovered in her studies seem to be converging just now in 2016. Much of this information you may have heard, read, and viewed elsewhere as presented by other prophecy students and in other formats.

See what you think about a few you may not yet have gleaned from patterns in the Bible and in historical events presented in Claire’s work.

As you carefully consider what is presented here—and in myriad other venues as we near the end of the Church Age–we believe you, too, may be inspired to “get the word (and the Word) out” to your loved ones in whatever manner the Lord has so inspired you.

Tri-fold 1, click: Time 2 updated Aug 2019

part 1

This tri-fold features:

  • The significance of the series of 14 generations cited in Matthew 1:17 as presented on a timeline including what happened in this pattern that is prophetically significant.
  • What prophetic “beginning” each epoch represents, and how 2018 is another year in the pattern. 2018 is, of course, when the modern State of Israel will “turn 70,” which prompts the thoughtful believer to wonder what else the Lord might have in mind for 2018.
  • The 70 year pattern in prophecy.


Post Script

Claire and I encourage the reader to “do your own homework” like the Bereans who were praised for their close study of the Scriptures.

We also encourage you to resist the “normalcy bias” of believing things will always go on as they have always gone on.

If our God knows “the end from the beginning,” the thoughtful student of prophecy will consider that there are “ends” to epochs and eras in the spiritual realm even as such are evidenced in the natural realm.

May God bless and inspire you.

May we also impress upon you that the time may be very short until Jesus returns. If you have not yet received Him as your personal Lord and Savior, the time is right, now, for you. Ask Him into your life and your heart today.

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