CERN Update, part 1: Is It Ready to Blow? More Importantly, Are You Ready to Go?

part 2

Phyllis Beveridge Nissila

People who understand the physics behind the Large Hadron Collider humming away at CERN (the famed particle physics lab in a suburb of Geneva, Switzerland) and who track events there, believe workers now have what they need to blow the hole through what separates our dimension in time and space from another one.

The “portal” in question is a kind of tunnel wherein entities from outer space, kept until now/then in their own extra-terrestrial abode (some think Saturn), will be able to transport back down to planet earth through a tear in the veil of separation, as it were.

Interestingly enough, this time, scientists attribute the power needed not to the well-publicized “God Particle,” but to the “Satan Particle”. Interesting, that is, to those who also take seriously the physics of the prophetic books of the Bible…

Not that it is being advertised to the general public as a portal from, well, Hell, if you take the name seriously or even sardonically. Rather, the news, when such things are discussed, suggests that  the mysterious beings scheduled to arrive will be our benevolent ancestors come to save the planet and establish a New World Order via Other Wordly Wisdom and altruism… Not only that, some also believe “they” have been here on planet Earth before in a theoretical “golden age” that they will re-establish. I mean, that’s the hope, anyway…

I know, I know. Sounded that way to me, too, at first.


Because stuff like that is just all science fiction, right?

And the prophetic books of the Bible are all allegory, myth, legend, oral traditions from primitive ancestors, and, well, you know how story-telling can get skewed (remember the whisper game in grade school where everybody got in a circle and whispered the same phrase around and when the last one repeated it out loud it was way different from what it started out as?).

Except that there are all those pesky artifacts from antiquity that suggest post- and even pre-flood intelligence that we’ve yet to even fully comprehend these days… architecture, infra-structures, languages, cultures…

And then I began to look more closely, listen more intently, by-pass the mind-numbing effect of cognitive dissonance, the thought-suppressing effect of the normalcy bias, the critical-thinking-stopper called political correctness, and the distractions of so many wars and rumors of wars and earthquakes and plagues and political games (oh, my!). I took another look. You can, too.

What I have linked for you today is an interview involving the latest on CERN from both physics and a spiritual points of view by those who DO comprehend the math. See what you think.

Oh. One more thing.

If you also discern a scientific/spiritual connection between what’s cooking at CERN and what’s cooking elsewhere, as it were, the date has not yet been set to blow through to the other side. If the Holy Spirit is prompting you to make sure of your salvation, there is still time. At least as of today.


No mystery here: “For whosoever shall call (epikaleo: address, appeal) upon the name of the Lord shall be saved (sozo: delivered out of danger, rescued, brought into divine safety)” (Romans 10:13).

Jesus waits.

In the meantime, or what time is left, here’s the latest:

CERN Ready to Rent the Veil: THE PORTAL

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    L.O.V.E.D. T.H.I.S.

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