Who is “The One” We Await to Trigger End Times Events? Part 2: UnconCERNed

part 1

Phyllis Beveridge Nissila

Regarding A) the various views on the end of the age, B) the current near-fever-pitch-clamoring for a world savior, C) the seeming rush to Armageddon by those not versed in the down side of their quest for control (as detailed in the Book of Revelation and elsewhere), D) all of the above, in Part 1 I wrote:

One view suggests there are an elite few who’ve been crafting a cash crash in order to finish their planetary takeover by taxing and looting (if that’s not redundant).

Another points to AIs nearing the quantum leap to intelligence greater than man’s which will enable them to conquer by computation, as it were (as long as an EMP doesn’t fry the motherboard).

Still another view reveals plain old-fashioned man-made mayhem ginned up by whatever hyphen war will suffice: race-war, geopolitical-war, class-war, religious-war, gender-war, border-war, trade-war (or any combo thereof) in a seeming never-ending race to some kind of meltdown where mankind will be clamoring for a savior of its own making. And, guess what? Voila!–enter the Antichrist, One World Religion, and One World Government (or is it the New World Order and a Global Leader sponsoring a one-size-fits-all religion mandating his headship or your head?).

As we wait to see who and what will trigger the race to the bottom, Christians anticipate a very different kind of triggering event that will reveal what’s coming, conspiracy or not. Only this event, as noted in (Romans 11:25)…will hardly garner the attention of anyone let alone conspiracy theorists, our “brilliant world elite,” or even the person who triggers it, if you will.

Simply put, prophecy points to that “last one (as in Gentile) to come aboard” [1].

And, many believers believe, his or her identity will soon be revealed–if just for a nanosecond.

Most likely, however, God alone will discern this as other events align.



God, Who has  known His own from the foundation of the world (1 Peter 1:20), holds close  the identity of the” last one aboard,” like the Holy Spirit, of Whom it is written, “The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit” (John 3:8).

(To the eternal frustration, of course, of He [2] who would attempt to destroy all in an effort to get at “the one”.)

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to even the NSA, Mr. or Ms. Last-One-In might, even as I type this, be planning on going back to church next Sunday, after years away from all-things-religious, and something in the preacher’s sermon or a scrap of a lyric in a worship song, or the smile of a greeter at the entryway will spark renewed interest, revival, or one last—this time, lasting—decision for Christ…

Or he or she might just now be recalling those annoying “sermons” by Grandma or Aunt Lulu or the weirdo on the street corner hollering something about Hell and grace and Satan and Jesus and the nearness of the end…and, all things considered in a world gone psycho, this memory might suddenly take on much greater significance and urgency…

Or little he or she might be listening to Momma’s story about Jesus and the children (Luke 18:16) one night soon, just before bedtime, and in the fullness of a four or five-year-old’s comprehension, ask Jesus into his/her heart…

So, why are believers unconcerned about the worst efforts of those with all the beauty, bucks, and brawn who seem doggedly up to no good? Rather, as my title reads, why are believers “UnconCERNed?


It seems that recently, the folks operating the super collider at CERN, “the European Organization for Nuclear Research, (where) physicists and engineers are probing the fundamental structure of the universe… [3]” met with success. That is, they believe they finally have the means to break through into another dimension of the strange (and the strangelets) where, according to others who comprehend the big machines, big thinking, and big words, other entities reside–ET’s, perhaps, who, hopefully, will help us, or enable us to live forever.

At least, other beings, entities of some unknown sort, who have been imprisoned, some believe, for millennia in their own dimension [4] waiting for the hole in the wall through which to transport back here.

But nobody knows what happens next in the brave new world of Technology Without Borders, as it were, where the scientific method apparently brooks no ethics, limitations, or diminishing bank accounts.

Whoa….Cognitive Dissonance alert! Didn’t I see that plotline on some old Twilight Zone episode?

“But little did they know” (insert voice of show creator Rod Serling), they may be stepping into a lot more stuff, some really bad, smelly stuff, quantumly speaking, than they realize.”

Or as another famous quote reads, “It’s not nice to fool with Mother Nature” [5].

However, if it be true that strangelets will be stranger than even Rod Serling could conjure, perhaps those parts of the Book of Revelation involving mountains falling into seas, waters turning to blood, plagues and earthquakes and demons (oh my) might be comprehensible after all.

BUT…and here is where the good news and encouragement fits.

Just say that other prophecies in the Book of Revelation and elsewhere are true about a so-called Rapture of the Church (notice the disappearance of the Church off of the earth starting in chapter 4, for example, and see [6]). “Church” as in the living, breathing, born again, praying Church, of course, against whom, as Jesus said, “the gates of Hell shall not prevail” (Matthew 16:17-19).

And just say that at some point the folks at CERN do, indeed, punch a hole into another dimension, a “portal,” through which the entities can slither hither and have their way with earthlings, which, interestingly, is projected to happen in a nanosecond, a “twinkling of an eye” (also mathematically nano in time length) just like the so-called Rapture [7].

(Side note: Just one of those interesting, perhaps not so coincidental, little nuggets from both the Scriptures and the world of mathematics that I find fascinating)

And just say that the entities are really demonic and are not chomping at the bit to come “serve” us, as in help us, but as in another old Twilight Zone episode where the naïve earthlings figured out too late that the “bible” the ETs brought, To Serve Man, was really a cook book to well, chomp on us

And just say that the “portal” into the other dimension now made possible by the miracle of modern invention turns out to be those “gates of Hell.”

Are you with me?

Then the question becomes not what’s on the other side, but should we stay or should we go?

Of course, invention is amoral. Like nuclear power in the hands of mankind, what’s next on the drawing board can be used either for good or bad.

Trouble is, I think most people can agree, when we, rather, they of the CERN Super Collider start talking about “breaking on through to the other side [8]” but they don’t give equal amounts of time considering other aspects of “the other side,” this might not be as “good” a plan as they wish.

In other words, what mankind might be headed for at breakneck speed will be more of a break down than a break through

Nevertheless, referencing another Inventor, indeed, the Inventor of Inventors, the One not limited by time, space, budgets, the Gates of Hell or the Gates at CERN (an establishment featuring, incidentally, a prominently-placed statue of the Hindu goddess Shiva, aka the Goddess of Destruction), there is hope. Yet. For all those searching for the promise of escaping this increasingly troubling planet by whatever means possible.

No matter what iteration of the concept of the Rapture a believer holds to (I favor pre-Trib), the biblical pattern of deliverance from evil holds true still and will once again play out, whether in nano time or some other time measurement–and for eternity.

Now for the BEST news.

For those who long to enter the real “other dimension,” that which always was, is, and will be, with an “expected (and all good) end” [9], the same old promise remains new:

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life” (John 3:16, KJV).

Join us in what time is left?

Today would be good.


[1] https://pnissila.wordpress.com/2015/08/07/who-is-the-one-we-await-to-trigger-end-times-events/

[2] aka Satan, Devil, Beelzebub…the anti-hero of a thousand faces…

[3] http://home.cern/about

[4] Is this only a conspiracy theory? Well, put on your seatbelt and grab your Bible, computer, and physics lexicons, take a look, and see what you think:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RRCCJA1wwY8&app=desktop, and


[5] 70s “Chiffon” margarine commercial.

[6] harpázō – properly, seize by force; snatch up, suddenly and decisively – like someone seizing bounty (spoil, a prize); to take by an open display of force (i.e. not covertly or secretly). Strong’s concordance, #726, from 1 Thessalonians 4:17 and elsewhere.

[7] http://www.khouse.org/articles/2002/444/#resources for the digital length of time of the so-called “Rapture,” or harpazo of the church. For mathematicians, here’s a comparison chart to figure out how close in time this event is with the time it takes to punch through at CERN, as noted in links above: https://www.checkyourmath.com/convert/time/nanoseconds_seconds.php. For the rest of us, suffice it to say, both events involve a really miniscule slice of time. Really miniscule.

[8] Side note: Remember this one? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6BIjCW2_Uik

[9] “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end” (Jeremiah 29:11, KJV).

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