The God Factory?

Phyllis Beveridge Nissila

The job ad reads, “(looking) for experienced synthetic biology production specialists with knowledge of gene assembly, cloning, vector handling and related processes to manufacture…high quality custom gene products” [1].

I am not making this up.

On the”about” web page one reads that this “synthetic DNA” company includes not only advancements in antibiotics and “bio-defense” products (okay, good) but also in “directed evolution” (okay, what?).

The God Factory?

Perhaps what is most eye-opening is that apparently not only does such an Orwellian facility exist, there are bio-engineers who already have experience in the field or, should I say, the Petri dish.

(Yes, Virginia, there is a Clone Claus…)

While most of us are fighting a log-jam of cognitive dissonance trying to fathom how the terms “manufacture” and “high quality custom gene products” can exist in the same sentence, bio techs dice and splice the next iteration of wiggling widgets. And due to the fact that nobody really knows what will eventually (or tomorrow) leap from that Petri, quantumly speaking, there is no way to know what trouble may already be bubbling in the labs–not just the above-ground breeding grounds, as it were, but those that might exist “underground,” funded by a black bank account with no lid for a man-made stone soup where, well, man-made man simmers, an eye here, a toe, there…conjured, perhaps, as the Bard put it, with “finger of birth-strangled babe” and “baboon’s blood” [2]?

With state-of-the-art artificial intelligence wired in for good measure.

(Insert Twilight Zone theme.)

Most people by now are well aware of genetically modified organisms in food, of course. Frankenfood has long been in fashion, its unintended consequences still evolving, some say, or devolving, others fear. But the ramifications of Frankenpeople have yet to be fully realized or, perhaps, released from the portals of the new labs.

Outside of what anthropologists, archeologists, biologists, and/or theologians have pieced together on site–and insightfully–about (you pick) Ancient Aliens, Nephilim, and/or the re-emerging Race of the Giants, not to mention trans-humans, cyborgs, and AI bots [3], God only knows what we are in for next.

But—and here is the good news part of this post—He actually does know.

The real God, that is.

And He gave us not only a heads-up about these extraordinary times [4] but also the way to make sure we end up on the safe side [5] as featured in many more verses spread throughout the rest of the anthology known as The Bible featuring historical, anthropological, archeological, literary, doctrinal, and expository analyses of what was, what is, and what is to come–one-fourth of which, incidentally, is prophetic in nature.

Take a read.

And look up, brothers and sisters, for as the news in the New Man Department and everywhere else may well portend, our redemption surely draweth nigh…


[1]   Twist Bioscience

[2] William Shakespeare. Macbeth.

[3] There are literally hundreds if not thousands of links available for more information on each of these creatures.

[4] There are also hundreds if not thousands of teachings and commentaries on the so-called “end times” prophecies. Here is a listing of the most well-known 7 references, just for starters.

[5] Here is an excellent place to start: John 3:16.

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