An Open Letter to Congress to Stop Planned Parenthood Butchery–Warning: Graphic Truth


To Members of the United States Congress:

I am tired of sparing words and images about this subject: I am writing to urge you to do whatever you can to stop the slaughter of babies and the sale of their body parts by Planned Parenthood.

In short, it is time to defund the butchery.

For who can deny the truth any longer?

The whistle-blowers and clear, color videos of the babies savagely murdered and parted out for sale cannot, now, be word-smithed or politicized away.


I’m not new to this effort.

For years, I (and innumerable others) have funded those opposing this inhumane practice. I have sent literally thousands of dollars to the efforts to save these children. I have supported numerous causes to help women in crisis pregnancies both on the local and national levels (most pro-life people I know care for the babies AND their mothers).

I have written editorials and letters to the editor and at one time wrote a newsletter for a pro-life organization. I have prayed outside of abortion clinics and gathered baby clothes and supplies for mothers—and fathers–who chose/choose to let their children live, coming down on the “life side” of the right to choose. I have voted pro-life.

I risked jail at one rally for expressing my First Amendment Rights to peacefully protest abortion spared only because I was documenting what took place for a newsletter including taking pictures of a man with snarling dogs threatening to let those dogs loose on us and holding them back only because I was taking pictures and the police had arrived.

I have stood on the steps of our local Federal Courthouse on anniversaries of the infamous Roe v. Wade “decision” while the opposition attempted to scare/intimidate us into silence. At one rally, the pro-abortion crowd set fire to our banners and pamphlets. A self-proclaimed witch, at another event “cast spells” on those of us supporting life.

While peacefully exercising my Rights, I have been cursed at, spit at, and looked at with such hatred and contempt I wondered what country I was living in. However, many others have suffered much worse. Google it.

And as a Christian, I have reassured mothers and fathers who did choose abortion that God is still in the business of forgiving…and there is plenty of help and compassion available to process through the grief. When it comes [1].

Meanwhile, inside the abortion clinics, no one was holding back…


Apparently, however, all such efforts have not been enough to stop the slaughter.

Now, with the latest gruesome evidence surfacing, is there any doubt about the need for some way to do so?

Will word-smithing, subject-changing, and profiteering continue to negate the silent screams? [2]

Congressmen and women: have you have heard of or actually seen the videos, the latest evidence of the truth? Particularly one of the most recent ones where a whistle-blowing participant describes a fully formed baby boy, his legs and arms still moving, his little heart still able to beat and how that technician was instructed to slice through his little face with scissors so as to get to the desired body part, his brain, for extraction and for sale?

I ask you this:

Have people who engage in and support this gruesome butchery lost their minds thinking there is any “justification” outside of Nazi Germany’s death cult or some pit in Hell?

But, oh, does this sound overly dramatic?

Not to that baby boy and the tens of thousands of baby boys and girls every year whose humanity in this practice is reduced to an auction for their body parts carefully severed from their skulls, torsos and limbs so as to get top prices.

In the name of “medicine” and “science” and, ah, “helping humanity,” of course.


Sorry, the reality trumps the spin unless, of course, one has become so desensitized and so brain- washed by politics and money one has lost one’s soul.

But there is no longer any denying of reality…unless one chooses to do so…


I teach rhetoric and generally discourage students from using so-called “purple prose,” i.e., language that includes excessive use of dramatic/flowery/”zombie” nouns and adjectives while crafting their arguments so as to avoid compromising the credibility/”professional  tone” of their persuasive writing.

However, I fear that, anymore, politicians simply laugh at even the most professionally presented editorials and arguments, the most scientifically based pleas, the most high-definition pictures and videos when it comes to what happens when a baby is killed like this.

Certainly, those who buy and sell baby body parts pay such presentations no mind. They continue to profit and purchase their Lamborghinis…

So maybe it’s time to pick up those purple pens considering–dare I say it and risk someone’s state of denial, perhaps their lunch recently consumed–the red running into our sewage systems at the expense of yet another vulnerable little victim of abortion, a victim sliced apart ever-so-carefully so as to make the most money from his or her delicate little brain, heart, or liver, the best “products” taken intact? Some, it has also been revealed, before they have mercifully died.

I wonder (and don’t you, too? I pray you do) do they at least anesthetize the babies first?

(They used to laugh at us with scorn when we asked that question. Few, with the courage to face the facts, laugh now.)


In conclusion, lawmakers, if you haven’t yet read or seen the news on this, I encourage you to access it either by the above link or on alternative media sites (as usual, the mainstream media trends cowardly, their silence likely bought and paid for).

I urge you, who hold the power of the purse to stop the savagery, to do the right thing.

Be on the right side of history—indeed, the right side of humanity.


Phyllis Beveridge Nissila, M.A.


[1] Here a just a few resources to help you when you are experiencing the aftermath of an abortion or considering your options in a crisis pregnancy. Some of them are religious, others, not. There are links to other resources on several of these as well. God bless you.

[2] Full length version of “the Silent Scream.” This is one of the first graphic representations of the reality of an abortion, thanks to the technological innovations at the time:


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6 Responses to An Open Letter to Congress to Stop Planned Parenthood Butchery–Warning: Graphic Truth

  1. Carl Gordon says:

    It’s on facebook now. Hope it goes viral. Shalom


  2. pnissila says:

    Let’s pray there are a few human beings left in Congress who can make a difference…


  3. May this letter make a difference in these precious little ones’ lives. This barbarism is surely satanic.


  4. Cathy says:

    Thank You Phyllis, for Pointing Out this lack of Humanity!
    Depravity beyond words….this is Satans Triumph🐍


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