On God Theories and Free Will

sun-rays-2I recently listened to an interview with noted astrophysicist Bernard Haisch, author of the book The God Theory wherein he proposes a new answer to two old questions: why and how did everything come into being? From his background in both science and religion (he is also a former Catholic seminarian), Dr. Haisch hypothesizes,

 (Ultimately), it is consciousness that is the origin of matter, energy, and the laws of nature   in this universe and all others that may exist. And the purpose is for God [1] to experience his potential. God’s ideas and abilities become God’s experience in the life of every sentient being. What greater purpose could there be for each of us humans than that of creating God’s  experience? God experiences the richness of his potential through us because we are the incarnations of him in the physical realm. [2]

Haisch conjectures God created us so that He could live out the potential of His creation vicariously through us. God uses His humans, as it were, to get in the game He engineered in order to step down from mere metaphysicality to see, hear, taste, touch, and smell physicality, a little like a seamstress trying on her new gown to experience the fit and feel.

By this premise, Haisch goes one better than an ancient who conjectured we could only become like God. Haisch suggests we serve to enable God do what He can’t do by nature of His spirit nature. In this way, one might conclude, we have a leg up on God (figuratively and, well, literally, too).

Which reminds me of another concept: the power of free will which is evident by the incredible love of God Who is willing to let His beloved creatures freely come or freely go by thought, faith—or theory. He does not force us to believe Him nor to receive His gift of eternal life through His Son, Jesus. [3]

And many will resist until that day when every head will bow and knee, bend…

In the meantime, even among the intellectual elite, there is no set-in-stone, scientifically and metaphysically sound, irrefutable moment when all doubt is erased, all questions are answered, and no other option exists other than to believe God at His Word. (And theories continue to surface in an attempt to explain what science calls “the hard problem.”)

Indeed, if The Moment existed, this would negate the concept of free will entirely.

(I am greatly touched by the risk God takes, here…)

And I marvel at how the pivotal question, this one directed at us, remains the same for both, indeed all, intellectual demographics: “Who do you say I (Jesus) am?”

In alignment with Haisch’s theory, one might answer that Jesus is simply another God-made-human extracted from the petri dish of creation engineered to help the Designer experience the day-to-day of a first-century holy man among so many other holy men.

By faith (an equally potent gift from God–for the asking), another would answer that Jesus is God Made Man Who arrived on the planet to demonstrate the Father’s love for us in the flesh by His sacrifice on the cross.

For the brightest as for the least, the question, the simplicity and the profundity of it, remains the same.

And God listens for each one’s answer with, I imagine, great hope, for as long as He can…


[1]  Haisch assigns this “intelligent consciousness” the name “God,” though not to be confused, he insists, with a “religious” God or the God of the Bible Whom he rejects as a “nutcase,” at least in the Old Testament, killing innocents, and wreaking havoc on the unsuspecting (perhaps he left his religious training before unpacking the layers of law and grace nestled in and in-between the lines of the original languages and historical context,  viewed through the lens of redemption…)
[2] http://www.thegodtheory.com/preface
[3]  See John, 3:16.

Image from http://www.publicdomainpictures.net/view-image.php?image=27656&picture=sun-rays-2

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4 Responses to On God Theories and Free Will

  1. hoot1926 says:

    I thought that this was your private email. I didn’t realize that this would be posted as a comment on your blog.

    Date: Sun, 29 Mar 2015 17:44:21 +0000 To: mike_59rogers@live.com


  2. hoot1926 says:

    Hi Phyllis,
    This is Pat, in case you didn’t know. I high-jacked Mike’s email years ago and never made one of my own, he made another one 😊😊. Just wanted to thank you for your comment and your article. I’m sure you must have read the comments from godlee on Mike’s one post. He decided to delete them, as they really had nothing to do with the article’s subject matter. I did go to her site, read and commented on the first article that she “recommend” we read. I think it was called “Authority of Scripture”. Anyways, long story short, she commented again and has called your comments heresy (BIG SIGH)…..and is quite upset that we deleted hers. She at least commented on an article that deals with her “freewill heresy” not really, but at least Calvin is mentioned, (Conditional vs. Unconditional Salvation: What was the Question?).

    She is truly upset, hurt and mad at us. We are trying to decide the best approach, as approving her comments and responding to her doesn’t really seem to get her any closer to understanding where we are and that we aren’t crossing over. She actually seems almost obsessed with this and I get it to a degree. In considering coming out of Charsimania and all it’s layered deceptions, running to the extreme left or right (however one views Calvinism, cessasionism) is always so appealing and appears so safe, so “right”; because you’re discovering almost everything you’d been taught is wrong. Especially when your entire foundation has just crumbled from underneath you. But is has it’s own very real set of ills and deceptions built in. I obviously don’t know how to convey this to her, as I tried in my first comment and it went no where. I also do understand, somewhat, her knee jerk reaction to Mike and I not being “Calvinist’s”….it’s a scary thing to be rescued out of deception, only to be potentially deceived again. I don’t mean to dump on you, I guess I just needed to vent. If you have any suggestions that would be great!😏
    God Bless

    Date: Sun, 29 Mar 2015 17:44:21 +0000
    To: mike_59rogers@live.com


    • pnissila says:

      Hello, Pat! Thanks for your response. RE: godlee, and what I sense as anger in her responses, there often seems to be more fear than faith in someone’s anger, and perhaps it is only the Holy Spirit Who can, in the end, deliver her from that. But you never know; the “seeds of grace” planted by your responses to her may bear fruit at one point.

      I know how grateful I still am for those who patiently, gently, helped me out of the many dogma add-ons, so to speak, of the religious system in which I was raised (Roman Catholicism). It was a Scripture here, a reminder of what Jesus took on the cross for us, there. Mostly, patience, and genuine friendship. It is hard to believe that it has been over forty years since I “came out”!

      I always say that if I could come out of such a system (having been born and bred, some might add brainwashed, within it throughout my youth), anybody can ;).

      There is just no substitute for the knowledge of what Jesus Christ did for ALL who put their faith in Him!

      How fearful it is to think maybe, after all, His sacrifice wasn’t for “whosoever will,” but only for “whosoever does this or that (RCism) or, worse, never, ever for those whose fate was already sealed in eternity past (with no possible hope for redemption in the here and now and for eternity future, a la Calvinism). At least in RCism there are things you could do to earn the grace, or so they teach.

      I prefer “Jesus-ism,” as it were, and it still amazes me that He could penetrate the layers of law and works and legalism in which I was originally steeped via the power of the knowledge of what His sacrifice really meant–for all time.

      This is a good reminder to pray for godlee.

      And blessings and grace to you and Mike and your ministry, too!


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