“Nickels and Noses”? (On Measuring Success in the Church—More Encouragement for the Remnant)

Phyllis Nissila

I recently heard the idiom, “nickels and noses,” translation, “money and people,” referencing how success is counted in some churches.

Cute, but really?

How about one crown of thorns, two bloody beams, three nails, and success “counted” by our faith in same, that is, by Jesus’ atoning sacrifice no matter the size of the building or denomination.

Although we live in an age when Big Box stores, banks, and now churches are possible, and ultimately members from every tribe and tongue throughout time will assemble at the Throne above, down here where the Church of Terra Firma assembles “success” has little to do with size.

The “Body of Christ” into which we are united ipso facto by the power of the Holy Spirit is, in the spiritual sense, down to the significant One, Jesus Christ, where if even just two are gathered in His name He promised to be in our midst (Matthew 18:20).

Not that big is necessarily bad nor small necessarily good, because, as always, it’s about His presence, not ours. And, granted, we must pay for lights, camera, and action in cold hard cash, but we must also remember that the Light of the Truth—the real focus of the Church—revealed by Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit residing in however many or few are present, was purchased by the precious coin of the cross.

So be encouraged, brethren, especially in an era when the Churches of the Big Box seem to be crowding the street corners. Your little gathering, down to, for whatever reason, a few focused on Jesus Christ and Him crucified, still counts.

This, I think, is an especially good reminder as the Spirit of Antichrist amps up…

those at the foot of the crossImage from Wikimedia Commons.

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1 Response to “Nickels and Noses”? (On Measuring Success in the Church—More Encouragement for the Remnant)

  1. Carl Gordon says:

    Reminds me that the Lord whittled Gideon’s army down to 300…it’s all about quality TRUTH and not quantity


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